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Nauseating Beta Male ODA

Sitting near me, facing away, was a frumpily dressed woman. To her side stood her boyfriend (or husband, couldn’t see the hands for ring verification), who was carrying two backpacks in one arm and had his other arm resting on his woman’s shoulders. He leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

A minute later, he did it again. Less than a minute after that, his lips once again anointed the top of her head. Then the head pecks came like a rain, one drop kiss after another.  peck… peck… peck  A wave of nausea overcame me as his peckings reached a crescendo and he began to resemble a chicken plucking seeds from her hair. Finally, I couldna take it no more, and had to evacuate the scene of herbage.

Why do some men do this? Is it for the benefit of their girlfriends? She seemed to be tolerating him well enough, but such egregiously obsequious displays of affection (ODA) have got to be a turn-off for women. In public, it’s worse; a woman can better endure her betaboy’s chimp-like grooming rituals in the privacy of home, where she does not experience the double revulsion that would be the case in public where it’s easy to suspect he’s slobbering all over her to advertise to the world how lucky he is to have her. Or to ward off better men from stealing his hard-won concubine.

If it’s meant as a warning to other men to keep their distance… believe me, dude, it won’t work on any man seriously considering a run for your “prize”. All it would take is one moment alone with your beloved and an innocent offer of a napkin to help “clean up the saliva” from the top of her head, and it’s off to the races.

There’s an alpha way and a beta way to do PDA. Firm ass, boob or crotch grabs, neck sniffs, erotic ear whisperings or hiney slaps are examples of alpha males staking their territory. Head peckings are beta. Why don’t you just pick lint off her exquisite princess robes while you’re at it?


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