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Do you know what turns a woman on? Dread. Delicious dread that you might be frolicking with another filly. Or that you aren’t quite yet wholly committed to your beloved.

Feh! These are just words. Le Chateau is a house of wise and learned repute, but nothing enlightens like putting theory into practice and watching with supreme satisfaction a woman’s love explode in Pollockspray across her emotional canvas exactly as predicted. Commenter dicipres recounts:

I wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday which is relevant to game and that you might find interesting…

Yesterday afternoon an attractive co-worker sent me a VERY flirty email. My wife was at the computer just as the email came in, read it first and started to ask questions about the co-worker etc and became a little angry.

Few hours later, after the kids went to sleep, she calmed down and we went to bed.

About an hour after, we had the hottest dirtiest sex we ever made, even as singles before we had children.

Basically, dread/pre-selection caused the best sex we ever had in our relationship, and this happened while we both are tired from the long day and when our 8 months child is sleeping in her crib in our bedroom, 3 ft from our bed (which usually prevents my wife from being 100% calm and relaxed).

So yeah, Dread/pre-selection works.

People who say the teachings of game and the crimson art of applied charisma have nothing to offer men are either hermits or willfully blind faith-based betas yearning for psychological emollient. Yes, brave snarky skeptics, there you stand, smart but sad, tethered to the granite of your cherished conventionality, nobly enduring your frump marriages to your frump wives as your frump genitals wither from disuse and boredom. Those of us who have lived a day know better.


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