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Comment Of The Week

The COTW goes to winner

Uncle Elmer confesses:

I like to watch Vietnamese travelogues with ForeignBride while she gently massages my loins. The food variety is epic.

Some comments win on substance. Others on the style with which the words trip psychedelically off the tongue. This week’s winner is firmly in the latter category.

Runner-up comment winnner

James waxes lyrically and substantively:

PUAs talk a lot about stripper game because it’s so hard. A whiff of beta or the slightest bend to your frame, and you’re just a customer to her again.

They have so many interactions that they’re really calibrated.

Plus all game is just flipping the script on women, and stripper game is apex of flipping the script. She comes to you looking for money. You give her none, and fuck her. Using only words and actions. It’s beautiful, in its way.

It is beautiful, in its way. The seduction of a guarded, self-patrolled, high stakes, manipulative sexy temptress who eats beta male hopes and wallets for a living, using nothing but your wiles and wisdom, is animated poetry most men will never get to experience for themselves.


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