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Nick Savoy is a pick-up coach who runs Love Systems. He’s been in the business of selling blueprints for getting laid a long time. Although he’s Canadian, I have nothing against the guy. Word is he’s an excellent artiste of the pick-up persuasion. However, I can’t help but call out — and compliment! — glorious bullshit when I see it, and parts of this latest interview with him qualify.

Savoy made an appearance on the Today show recently to hawk his new “””game””” book for women, called It’s Your Move: How to Play the Game and Win the Man You Want. Now when I hear the words “girl game” my BS detector goes off. The fundamental premise of the sexual market is that women trade their youthnbeauty for men’s power, prestige, charm, dominance and resources (among other desirable male traits). The best “girl game” in the world, then, is simply this:

Be young and hot, ladies.

Any advice geared for women beyond that basic prerequisite is sure to be warm, steaming feelgood pablum. Effective at the distant margins, AT BEST. And then, effective only on beta males who are the kinds of men apt to fall for manipulative girl game. The alpha males for whom chicks devise “girl game” to capture in heady commitment are just the sorts of men who are adept at sidestepping women’s manipulations.

(This is very unlike game for men, which is the inverse of game for girls, because it tends to be the hottest, highest value girls who swoon the swooniest for seductive men with pick-up skills.)

But of course that message won’t sell. And since women are the majority of book buyers, especially of books which tickle their solipsistic fancies rather than give them actual useful advice to measurably improve their lives, it pays a man like Savoy to craft a prettified message for the ladies that will make them happy and hopeful and validated and reaching for their credit cards. So Savoy is no dummy. In fact, I predict he will make more $cashmoney$ from this one “girl game” book than he has made from all his tougher-edged game books aimed at men.

To understand what I’m getting at, watch this video of his interview. (Sadly, SFW.) Savoy has to speak in womanese to these two old, stretchy faced broads or they’d ride him out on a rail. (Or, more likely, their white knights and femlickers would ride him out on a rail.) The womanese dialect Savoy employs is thickly accented, so I’ve included where necessary a helpful womanese-to-male English translation below.

Ok, let me get this out of the way first so the comments don’t get clogged with funny yet drearily repetitive remarks: Yes, Savoy sounds gay. He’s not, but he sure sounds it. If you’re wondering how a man whose voice is a nasally kazoo that projects Kegel-strengthened arias into the heads of the assembled can seduce so many lovelies, keep in mind that Science! has discovered bisexual men — who are a subclass of the class of effeminate men — have more female partners on average than do exclusively heterosexual men. My take: Those men in touch with women’s deepest truest desires, like apparently Savoy is, are best able to coax them into the sack.

Also, Savoy is kind of funny. I’d be surprised if the gentle humor that comes across in this interview wasn’t also a part of his pick-up success.

I’ll skip the first minute which is mostly a prelude to the juicy stuff.

1:10“Well, half the game’s won or lost before you even leave the house.”

Male English translation: “If you’re cute inside your house, then you’ll be cute outside your house.”

This statement is half sincere, and that’s all right. If he had said “9/10ths of the game’s won or lost before you even leave the house”, he’d be eight-balling 100% stone cold truth. But we’ll take half and call it a win.

1:16“How you dress is important, too. But also, I mean, you want to go out with like a couple of girl friends, not a massive group, because that’s intimidating for most guys.”

This is good, if obvious, advice. Men, of course, prefer to approach women who are alone or with one friend. But Savoy either doesn’t understand *why* women go out in large hen groups, or he understands but is deliberately avoiding the implications in order to spoon feed pleasant sounding advice to women who will in reality never take it up. Single women aren’t making an error of judgment when they choose to go out in big groups of clucking hens and a few beta orbiters. In fact they are making a wise choice; big groups insulate them from potentially dangerous men, and big groups allow them to judge a man’s facility to navigate pressure-filled social dynamics.

So telling girls to go out alone is like telling them to put out as quickly as possible: it ain’t gonna happen as long as the female biomachinery isn’t radically altered. You know what types of women go out alone or with one friend? Cougars. When you have low sexual market value, you have to make it as easy as possible for the desperate beta males who are your bread and butter.

1:33“…and wear something or bring something interesting that a guy can comment on.”

Male English translation: “Don’t dress like a potato sack.”

This is good advice as far as it goes, but again, it suffers from the tacit delusion that ugly girls can attract men by wearing an eye-catching ensemble or a peculiar accoutrement. The “unique purse” that Savoy recommends a woman carry as a lure to capture a man’s attention and give him something to talk about is advice best suited for women who are *already* attracting men with their looks, and who want to make it easy for those men to strike up convos. Like I said, decent advice, but not really the sort of advice that is going to do the women most in need of a “How to find a man” book any help.

2:44“It’s so important to go to your strengths. I’m with guys as they’re going out to bars or clubs or coffee shops, and they’re deciding who to approach and who they’re interested in, and I see so often that guys would much rather approach the woman who’s confident in her own skin, who looks comfortable with herself, and who maybe is telling a story about herself with how she’s dressed, than the 25th most attractive woman in the room who’s competing on that ground.”

Male English translation: “If you’re an unattractive girl, dress like a scenester slut. Men will figure you’re DTF and will approach you over the girl who is unattractive and prudish.”

This is great advice for the girl who wants to get banged out no strings attached, but not so great advice for the girl who wants a relationship with an alpha male. Since most girls want the latter, this advice is as likely to get them further from their goals as it is to help them fulfill their goals.

By the way, the very fact that Savoy can speak so fluently in womanese is testament to his skills as a womanizer. Perhaps he won’t like that I’ve labeled his girl game advice as bullshit, but in fact I am paying him a high compliment. You’ve got to be smart and seductive to spin a whole book out of “Be cute and young, and don’t be ugly or get old”.


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