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taterearl writes:

Narcissism = higher value in yourself…taking women off the pedestal
Machiavellianism = pretty much game…using women’s nature to get what you want
psychopathy = aloof and unconcerned when a woman gets flighty with her emotions

You don’t need to turn into a serial killer to get women…just understand these personality traits do have some benefit to your personality.

The Dark Triad are the component parts of the one overarching attitude that most defines and forges the successful womanizer: overconfidence.


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Jacob Ian Stalk has this to say about that:

The Dark Triad is the clarion call that has replaced outmoded concepts of honor, virtue, chivalry and self-sacrifice as the organizing principle which motivates and galvanizes the post-society American man. It is the ultimate expression of untrammeled individualism. A society crumbling into atomizing modernism is both symptomatic of growing psychopathy in the population and causal of more people turning toward the psychopathic dark side. When truth is exiled, the allure of cold-blooded self-concern is evident.

This, right here, is the result of 50 years of feminist influence. Decivilisation. Decivilisation by the hand of the Mother Goddess and her evil handmaidens. That’s Game – a roadmap to her altar with Google-Maps-direction-finder efficiency.

Game is like a gold ring through a pig’s snout – it lures unwary men onto the altar of the sacred feminine. Feverishly we mount her handmaidens and cast the pearls of our manhood before her swine.

No need to wonder how to get there, or look for street signs. Here’s the way, spelled out for us in 100 words or less. Go straight to the Devil. Do not pass God and do not collect salvation.

Fights to the death for a womans favour is the only possible eventuality of Game. When men unbind from each other and abandon brotherhood feminism has won. Man is reduced to his animal nature. If feminism wins, the Alpha will be kept in a cage, released only to kill the Beta, then used for sexual gratification and breeding stock.

A better roadmap to the jungle doesn’t exist than right here in these pages. The blogger knows it. The reader knows it. And the Devil knows it. If our last rallying point is a pact with the Devil then We. Are. Done.

It’s a strange mental contortion when getting all the sex and love from pretty girls one could want is considered a victory for feminism.

My take on this issue which crops up regularly on this blog can be summed up in a simple rhetorical ploy:

What do you call a man who sacrifices for a country and a culture which is indifferent to him at best and hates him at worst?

A fool.

I say, bring on the jungle.


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