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A reader needs some game advice from everyone here about how he handled a girl through text game.

Dude seriously…there’s some fucked up situation i’m in that i need help. I’ve been getting into game this year, and constantly hitting on girls. I think this year was the first one that i ever started hitting on chicks…and surprisingly things actually started happening..

I think i read here or somewhere else the validity of text game, and since im still getting the hang of chatting with chicks, i’ve been using SMS as my main flirting tool.

So deal is, i managed to flirt and get chicks willing to hangout, but when i need to close the deal, i’m lacking. Does their brain fucking reset? And they forget all the shit they were saying on texts and stuff?

Young women get a lot of attention, both tangible and intangible, from men, so yes, their brains do, in effect, “reset” if you let your alpha allure lapse.

From what i’ve gather so far, little teasing and banther does work well here in Brazil if you can land it in the right times. So i’ve been teasing this girls about her bitchy/tries to tell me what to do, attitude.

Heres one text exchange, which led me into believing she was into me, only to see her walk away go hang out with her fucking beta bff..


Me: cats on fire ( i was busy at work so i just sent something, she was bugging me, sent like 4 messages)
Her: hmm ok then sexy, see you kisses kisses
Me: ur making this too easy, i might want more
Her: Just in person now
Me: is that a teasing attempt? Ill just get more if i want too
Her: hahaha

Count the number of words in her texts and in yours. Who’s writing more? Who’s putting in more effort? Who comes across as the aloof partner in this exchange with no investment in the interaction?

In short, you are failing the Jumbotron test.

So thats it and i think,…hmm its on she wants it…then i arrive to the club we are gonna meet…its her friends bday

Her: hey where are you?

I didnt bother answering…i assumed she was already in and then shitstorm happens.. she is with this friend…of her….and shes a fucking bitchy one…it was a easy tell. So i get a little bit nervous…my early game still lacks…and we started chatting

Her: Hey you….you’re drinking already
Me: What? This? How this thing get here?
She giggles and replies: but i thought you would take care of me if i got drunk?
Me: I’m pretty busy today, club is so full

This is a pretty good reply by you to her white knight bait shit test, but was she looking for more from you?

Then she started asking me if i knew the people that came with them, and i didnt gave much attention.. I tried some touching, grabbing her hand and she responded warmly, but i didn’t think she was ready to be kissed, her friend was standing there like a pole.

A girl’s anti-slut defenses are powered up higher when her friends are within view.

So from there the conversation dies off..not worthy mentioning… she tells me she will talk to her friend, the birthday guy, and that she will be back..

I remembered that i should not wait like a fucktard for one single girl, so i run off and go hit on other chicks…

No need to mention she never went back talking to me..and that when she saw me dancing and grinding on other girls (i made sure she would see mee with this hot blonde “friend” i met there ) she didn’t really show any signs of bother.

Preselection by other women can fail to work if 1. your primary target is not at all interested in you or 2. your primary target thinks you are unattainable and has decided to give up pursuing you. From what you have written of events that night, it’s hard for me to tell which dynamic is applicable, but I suspect the latter. If that’s the case, then you made a mistake not trying to move her to a quieter part of the club for more intimate talk.

So things is…where the fuck am i wrong? Is it text game that isn’t good enough?

Your text game was ok. Not great, but not incompetent enough to seriously hurt your appeal to her.

If they show signals that they would be ok with your tongue down their throat should u just fucking do it when you actually meet?

A lot of girls will tease and taunt men by acting slutty and verbalizing how much dirty stuff they would do. This is classic beta bait, meant to entrap and flush out beta males who would eagerly pounce on such bait by taking it at face value. If this is the case, you’re best answer to smelly beta bait is to playfully chide a girl to keep herself under control, you are not so easy.

On the other hand, if she was expressing serious intent (and if her tongue was down your throat, that’s serious intent), then the time for teasing is over and the time for bouncing her to your place is begun.

Like basic hi, staring and just go for it ? Hyperfast kissing culture in brazil might have something to do with it ?

I have heard that kissing on the first meeting doesn’t mean as much in Brazil as it does in America. So maybe if you are tonguing down some chick you should still behave as if she must chase you because you are the prize. That’s a pickle, because it would be tough for most men to avoid the temptation to assume hungry kissing is not a strong indicator of interest. You could get around this problem by gently pushing a girl away when she wants to kiss, and telling her that you “like to save kissing for when it matters”.

Can you actually game girls mostly by text ? I get kind of shy around them in person so im still getting the hang of it…

Practice your alpha aloofness through text, until the lessons are internalized, and then take that mentality out into the field. Eventually, you will have to face your demons and talk to girls in the face.

I know the text is a ramble, but if you could help me i would be really glad

Be a little less curtly unattainable and a little more engaged with her. To my eyes, it reads like you were very cognizant of giving off too much needy beta vibe, at the cost of just relaxing around her and teasing her for fun and poussy profit. I think she was looking for you to drive the conversation deeper, to banter with her more; but instead you stayed in “make her chase me” mode, and she drifted away. The aloofness that women find so intriguing must be balanced with active intent to close the deal, or at least with some small degree of displaying burgeoning interest in her. All aloof, all the time makes Juan a dull boy.


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