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Over at GLPiggy’s, a ripping good discussion about feminists’ loathing of fathers and fatherhood ensues.

and one more thing that seriously gets short shrift in these discussions of “men dropping out”: it’s a lot easier to say “fuck it all” to the mother of your children when she’s bloated up into a disgusting fat sow. men quickly lose their desire to support women (and their kids) who are physically repellent to behold.

I find it funny how few pundits in any media capacity address the female obesity problem and its role in destabilizing the mating market. (Bill Bennett wept.) Women might get offended — correction, fat chicks and feminists and their lapdog manboobs and tradcons might get offended — by my assertion that looking like a diseased dirigible will lessen the willingness of men to “man up” and support, financially or emotionally, such ghastly beasts, but those who balk at these impertinent suggestions would do well to think of this apropos analogy:

As unemployed, shiftless men are to women’s desire to be loyal and committed wives, so too are gross fat women to men’s desire to be supportive fathers and husbands.


Another mischief maker pretends to be a celebrity, and women mist their muffs.

Fake celebrity game. Who says your status has to be backed up by real accomplishments? Chicks dig the illusion.


Robin Hanson has a follow-up post to his review (sloppy love kiss?) of Sex at Dawn. He quotes from a new book titled Sex at Dusk (hey, where have I heard that before?), which is critical of Sex at Dawn‘s premises, and consequently adjusts his view on the frequency and nature of prehistoric hunter-gatherer/forager promiscuity.

Even so, [author Saxon] does successfully undercut many Sex At Dawn arguments. In humans, sexual jealousy is a universal, females are picky about sex partners, penises aren’t over-sized, testes are small, sperm production slow, and the evidence doesn’t suggest a great deal of sperm competition. Female chimps have little extra-group sex, bonobos don’t usually mate face-to-face, and many Sex At Dawn quotes are misleading, given their context. […]

A key question, to me, is what percentage of our forager ancestor kids were fathered outside pair-bonds. That is, what fraction of kids were born to mothers without a main male partner, or had a father different from that partner. This number says a lot about the adaptive pressures our ancestors experienced related to various promiscuous and polyamorous arrangements today. And hence says a lot about how “natural” are such things.

As one of the commenters noted over there, no evolutionary psychologist ever denied that female promiscuity was a part of human sexuality. We’re only arguing over the degree of female sluttiness, not its existence. And on that count, the free love authors of Sex at Dawn shoot wide of the mark.

I argued similarly to Sex at Dusk (royalties, please?) that the existence of male jealousy, possibly the most powerful emotion in the known universe after the feeling of bliss that accompanies a strong bowel movement, is alone enough to disprove the polyamorists’ contention that humans are wired for wild group sex, constant cheating, and happy ascent to infidelity and polyamory. Any cursory brush with reality will tell you that we’re not; paternity reassurance, female virginity and faithfulness, and other signs of long-term commitment and disposition for loyalty argue convincingly that the norm, at least until relatively recently, has been evolving toward a more monogamous system. Interestingly, we may be evolving *away* again from monogamy and back to our slutty forager roots, thanks to the pathologically altruistic largesse of the mighty West encouraging women to favor the alpha seed capture strategy over the beta provider capture strategy.

PS Robin goes into lengthy and somewhat labyrinthine explanation about how women’s cries during sex are evidence for a promiscuous past. (Read it there, I’m too lazy to summarize. Basically, he says it’s about bragging.) But I have a simpler asnwer: women moan and gasp and shriek to induce orgasm in themselves, and in their lovers. Female orgasm has been scientifically shown to aid fertilization. This is why a woman will scream with pleasure even when you’re screwing her in the middle of the woods and no one is within twenty miles to hear her.

Just sayin’.


Some equalist utopian claims that “desire modification” will be the next big tech innovation. Hmm… desire modification…. now what kinds of people were the sorts who believed human desire could be reengineered… let me think…

Human desire will never be modified. You can only modify the symptoms of desire, not the foundations of desire itself. But I’m sure plenty of fat chicks would love it if one day men were reformulated to desire rolls of buttery lard, like they were living in some Brave New Shallow Hal World.

I predict in the distant future congenital equalists are going to try to biogenetically reengineer away human differences, to equalize the playing field with respect to IQ and other assorted beneficial personality traits, and then once the deed is done claim victory over the forces of bigotry and prejudice and stereotypes and white privilege and dildos that don’t adequately tickle their prostates.

You heard it here first.


Not only do chicks dig jerks, but the hottest chicks dig the biggest jerks the most.

So who’s the daddy?

The former “Girls Next Door” star, 32, says that it’s her boyfriend of just nine months, party promoter Pasquale Rotella. “Holly and I are so excited to announce that we are going to be parents,” he tells People. “We’re in love and counting down the days until we meet our beautiful baby. I can hardly believe how lucky I am.”

Having a baby is certainly a bright spot for the CEO of Insomniac Events, who is currently out on $1.2 million bail after a grand jury indictment handed down 29 counts against him and three of his business partners after it was discovered they had bribed an official at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with $2 million to allow them to throw the Electric Daisy Carnival and other dance parties at the venue, as well as at its sister location, the L.A. Sports Arena. The charges — which Rotella denies — came about after an investigation into the 2010 death of a 15-year-old girl at the EDC party after overdosing on ecstasy.

Breathe deep the cynical gloom,
Watch idealism fade from view.
Beta male dupes look back and lament,
Another day’s useless romantic gesture spent.
Impassioned criminal wrestles her cunt,
Law-abiding man cries for love and has none.
New mother picks up her bastard spawn son,
Beta is on the hook and wishes to get some.
Cold hearted gene that rules the night,
Removes the divine from our sight.
Black is great and white is RACISSSSSSSSS.
But we decide which is truth.
And which is a useful lie?


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