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chris writes:

Perhaps one way to conceptualise why women don’t like emotional/sensitive guys would be to consider this.

Men value women for their sexual intimacy, while women value men for the emotional intimacy.

Now men don’t want a relationship with a woman who is promiscuous with her sexual intimacy as it either indicates she has low value, or potential for cuckoldry.

Perhaps women don’t want relationships with emotional/sensitive guys as these men are promiscuous with their emotional intimacy. And their emotional promiscuity indicates they are either low value or have a potential for abandonment.

So a niceguy is to women, what a slut is to a man.

Now, when you here feminist therapists telling men they they should be more sensitive and get in touch with their feminine side and what not, those therapists are no different from some old sleazy lecher trying to convince women that it’s in their best interest to sleep around and experiment with their sexuality in the hopes that the woman will sleep with them.

Basically, telling men to be more sensitive is a ploy to make it easier for women touse men, just as telling women to be more sexually open would be a ploy to make it easier for men to use women.

There will be no runner-up comment winners this week, as there was not a recent comment that was close to the same league as this one.

One thing I would add… these psychological ploys — encouraging niceguyness in men and looseness in women so that it is easier for the opposite sex to extract what they want from them — would not be so ubiquitous if they didn’t work at least some of the time. So, emo niceguys who lament getting tossed into the LJBF discount bin and bitter sluts who lament getting pumped and dumped by sexy nonjudgmental alpha males really only have themselves to blame. You can’t be manipulated if you aren’t, on some level, willfully acquiescent to your role, and the promise of pleasure it brings.

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