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Hot Girls Need Your Best Game

Hot girls are different than other women. Not radically so, but enough to notice by those with an unfiltered eye. The universality of female sexual nature bends and distorts a bit when the subject is a smoking hot 22 year old 8, 9 or 10, like travel at the speed of light will warp the passage of time. In fact, speed of light travel is a pretty good metaphor for how fast you will jizz inside a hard 10′s vagina.

The difference in sexual predilection, temperament and reactiveness between hot chicks and the rest of womankind lies primarily in two interacting social phenomena: one, hot chicks know they’re hotter than other girls and two, hot chicks receive a lot more tangible and intangible attention from men. (An example of intangible attention: while fewer men may approach a 10 than would approach a 7, the 10 can’t help but notice how many men swivel their heads in her direction when she breezes past them. Tangible attention: hot chicks get their meals paid more often than other women.)

Knowing these two things, the master seducer tailors his game as befits the degree of beauty of his preferred conquest. He knows, for instance, that hot chicks will rebuke flattery much more aggressively than will lesser women. Hot chicks squeal with glee for negs and teasing bordering on insults. Hot chicks expect you to be flustered around them; stay calm and unmoved, and you capture their interest. Hot chicks love love love to be disqualified. And hot chicks don’t suffer weak men gladly.

Most invidiously, hot chicks may even be greater cheating and cuckold risks than less attractive girls. (h/t: reader wudang)

Unrestricted sociosexuality was generally associated with greater attractiveness in female composites and real female faces and greater masculinity in male composites.

They may also be sluttier.

It has been found that symmetrical men (and women) have a tendency to begin to have sexual intercourse at an earlier age, to have more sexual partners, and to have more one-night stands.

And their very special combination of genes makes them not only more attractive to men, but also apt to have more lifetime partners.

Scientists have found a link between genetically diverse females and high numbers of sexual partners.

New research from Western Australia has shown that a series of genes linked to the immune system could explain why some women are more sexually successful than others. The genes are thought to make them more attractive to potential partners.

There are two ways to avoid sluts, whores and manipulative users, and reduce the risk that your girlfriend or future wife will cheat on you:

1. Don’t date hot girls.

2. Break in hot girls with incredibly tight game, like you would break in a wild bronco.

Now number 1 doesn’t sound like much fun. It’s easy, but nothing good in life comes easy.

Number 2 is where it’s at. Tight game will tame the hottest girls. Those frisky mares need and love a strong crop to the flanks. The good news is that hot girls lap up tight game like a kitten does a bowl of milk, because they so rarely experience the thrill of it from the men who surround them. You will set yourself apart if you game a 9 the same way you game an annoying 6 who’s full of herself: like she’s nothing special.

The bad news is that hot girls are the best at sussing out even the tiniest hints of weakness or incongruity in men. If your game isn’t consistently good and believable, you’ll be lunch meat. And you have to be on top of your game for YEARS. The beta margin of error that you normally get with plainer girls will be greatly attenuated with hot girls. If you want to prevent a hot girlfriend from straying, you’ve either got to mate guard like a drug lord’s right hand man, or you’ve got to game guard like Casanova.

This is why most greater beta males shoot for the 6 and 7 sweet spot in feminine beauty; they’re manageable with some minimal game and they let the beta male sleep at night without constantly worrying every five minutes if the kid is his.


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