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The First SWPL President

Via S. Sailer:

Is Obama sticking out his pinky? Forget the first half-black prez, what we have here is the first SWPL prez. No wonder SWPLs jizz their pants for this guy.

Even better, you gotta love the field hockey player American girls chugging beer like dock workers. The one on the left looks like she’s storing a few kegs in her upper arms.

In a sane nation, Presidents who sip beer like it’s an apéritif and look like they’re pinching a loaf become punchlines.

In a sane nation, women who proudly and ostentatiously surrender their femininity to act like men get shunned.

I want to live in a sane nation. Sounds like paradise.

ps this is a political post lacking gravitas. for gravitas, redirect to: hillary’s rump and alex pareene’s bitch tits.


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