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Comment Of The Week

Comment Winner of the Week goes to “anon”, for using dark humor like a scalpel.

She had that director dick inside her and she loved every bit of it. While he was hammering her wet little pussy, he told her what a little slut she was and if her boyfriend was aware that she was such a dirty little slut. When she replied between two heavy breaths a whispered “no”, he spanked her ass and with a deep voice, he told her that she’s a nasty little slut and that she should be ashamed of cheating on her boyfriend. She didn’t reply and kept moaning until he ordered her “say that you’re my little bitch. SAY IT”. She said “I’m your little bitch”. “Say that you love cheating on your boyfriend with daddy’s big dick”. “I love cheating… I love cheating on my boyfriend with daddy’s big dick. oooohhhh yes. FUCK ME . FUCK MEEEEE”…

Next thing you know. “I’m sorry about the indiscretion. It just happened.”

The ease and facility with which women resort to hamsterizations is scary. If Genghis Khan were a woman, she might have done a good job of convincing other women and beta manboobs that her genocidal rampage “just happened”. A drum circle for peace would then have ensued, followed by group sympathy hugs.


Second place comment winner (and a set of steak knives) goes to YaReally for his insightful comments about Kristen Stewart’s cheating:

On a more constructive note, one of the comments left on that yahoo site says “Stewart commented not too long ago that her life was too easy and too boring. Guess the only way she was able to inject some interest in her life was to foul up someone’s marriage.”

I’ve found that to be a driving force behind a LOT of fucked up behavior from some women. Specifically really attractive ones who find life just too easy. Everyone lets them get away with everything because, like a celebrity, they can do no wrong. It creates a feeling of restless boredom and like you aren’t a part of the “normal” world because people aren’t treating you the way they would treat someone who wasn’t as attractive/rich/important/famous/etc. as you.

So they act up and do things that’ll specifically cause drama and piss people off just to feel “normal”. It’s a really interesting situation to me from a psychology perspective because most “normal” people will never experience that feeling or be able to understand or relate to it, and those people who have life “too easy” can’t bitch about it to normal people or they sound ungrateful so they just suffer in silence.

I was banging a girl who would treat her best friends like absolute shit, she was DYING for them to get mad at her or yell at her or leave an angry facebook comment or just SOMETHING to make her feel normal, but they’d never do it because she was too hot and too high value in her social circles and the general nightlife for anyone to dare cross her.

A lot of people (including this girl) end up going down the coke-head path because they’re chasing “feeling something”. That’s why a lot of really high-end social groups in the nightlife scene are full of coke-heads. Their day to day world is so full of phoney fake bullshit from everyone around them that they need to escape it for a few hours.

The guys she banged were guys like me who treated her like a normal person and bitched her out when she acted up.

Anyway, I don’t know if Stewart made out with a married guy around town repeatedly in broad daylight without wearing disguises or anything knowing paparazzi would be around on PURPOSE, but there were probably a lot of subconscious factors involved in why her little adventure was so recklessly executed.

Hot (or self-perceived hot) girls need more manufactured drama in their lives because everyone, and particularly beta males, walk on eggshells around them, depriving them of this most basic female macronutrient. If you plan to have a relationship with a hot, high status girl with a history of cheating (Stewart cheated on her previous boyfriend as well) and a manjaw indicating testosterone overload (see pics of Stewart), then you had better have really tight dread game. Or be comfortable sharing her with other alphas.


As if on cue, commenter Pffft provides evidence in support of YaReally’s theory:

Pattinson is beta. Otherwise why would Stewart have said this?

“I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to fucking happen to me. Just life. I want someone to fuck me over! Do you know what I mean?”


Yeah, we know what you mean, Kristen, you just needed an alpha to fuck you over, and Pattinson wasn’t doing it. He was sweet, nice, and wanted to marry you. Awwwww……

Robert Pattinson wept poetic beta tears. Luckily for him, his fame ensures his alphaness almost… ALMOST… completely compensates for his niceguy beta soul. (I say “almost”, because all it takes is one higher status director and one unruly, bored hypergamous whore to fuck up his dreamy-eyed visions of monogamous romance.) He’ll get over it with a quick public jaunt down the street to pick up fresh meat. Most cuckolded beta males without his fame or options never get over it.


Third place comment winner (you’re fired!) goes to Anonymous:

The real test of how beta he is will be his reaction. Does he take her back and weep with her, or does he boot her ass out the door and do a line of blow off a model’s ass?

A pithy description of one of the critical differences between the psychologies of the alpha male and the beta male.


Runner-up comment winner is IHTG.

Manjaw’s gonna manjaw.


Isn’t biomechanics fun? One look at a girl’s heavily jutting jaw and you know she has a better than average chance of screwing around on you. If only poor, idealistic, romantic, rumored gay Robert had this information in hand before deciding to remain faithful to Kristen. He could’ve juggled multiple long-term relationships with a bevy of babes and not felt any guilt over breaking a hypergamous slut’s heart.

This post is dedicated to Bill Bennett.


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