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Le Chateau Goes Stand-Up

I’m happy to inform guests of dishonor that the campaign to infiltrate polite society with the secretive butthex teachings of the Chateau is under way. A reader writes:

I think you speak the truth about men and women.

A few weeks ago I read your post about drawing smiley faces on your girl’s tampons, and I loved it so much I worked it in to my stand up routine.

The link to me performing is here – it’s all about how to save your marriage.  The second point, about improving your sex life (with your wife) you might think is a bit beta, but I wanted to work in the stuff about not wanting it to be over quickly, and it does tap in to a widely held view.

I wish you the best – you are doing God’s work in educating men about women.

The beta stuff isn’t bothersome. I consider it a Trojan Horse to sneak in alpha wisdom. All comedians know that packaging scandalous truths in pretty bows is sometimes the best way to condition the audience’s receptiveness to the thoughtcrimes about to pop out like a jerk-in-the-box.

Anyhow, you can watch the vid below. I’d say it’s NSFW, but only because your female boss is a raging feminist who is envious that men are funnier than women.


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