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How do you respond to a girl you have had sex with who now claims to have a boyfriend and wants to break it off with you? Readers happily offered many excellent suggestions to the fumbled game demonstrated in this post. A few stand-outs follow.

From reader Khall Drogo:

Her: “Didn’t stop you from goin there three times”

Me: “Guilty as charged”

Her: “And we’re not fucking again blablabla”

Me: “ok”

She’d be dripping wet and would beg for my cock until the day I die.

This is my favorite. I love the “guilty as charged” line. Why? Because it simultaneously passes her shit test (by not appearing apologetic or spiteful), and refrains from forcing any renewed sexual rapport that will re-trigger her anti-slut defense. “ok” is a good answer, but I prefer “right”, as it leaves more pellets in the hamster cage for the little critter to feast upon.



Her: “Didn’t stop you from goin there three times”
Me: “You were irresistible”

Similar to the above, this instills the girl with positive feelings without ingratiation that could risk pushing her away. The trick to giving girls good feelings is to not make it seem like you’re just saying them to get back into their panties. Limiting yourself to three-word replies is a great way to restrict your range of potentially self-incriminating betatude.


Holden Caulfield channeling GBFM:

Her: “Didn’t stop you from goin there three times”
GBFM: “that’s cuz u likes my lotsa cockas lolzlolzlozlolzzzzz”
Her: “Giggle”.

Haters: Don’t try this at home – The GBFM is a legend.

Maybe you’d have to be GBFM to pull this off, but it’s still better than anything a beta might spit out. Let’s look at what’s right about this reply:

Cocky? Check
Assumes the sale? Check.
Aloof and indifferent syntax? Check. The pussy is… bernankified.


Days of Broken Arrows:

Her: “IHABF we are not doing that again text”
(90mins later) Me: I hope not. that stubble hurt
(13 mins later)Her: Well I wasn’t plannin on havin sex my bad
(28 mins later)Her: Didn’t stop you from goin there three times”
(10 hours later) Me: “My dog* died.”

* Substitute a family member, if necessary.

I call this “sympathy game,” and have found it’s the quickest way to de-bitch a potentially raging bitch. It switches off their bitch defenses and makes them Florence Nightingale. You can also substitute illness, as needed, just make it a good one, not the flu.

Sympathy game is a variant of vulnerability game. It’s incredibly effective, but easily abused. Too much sympathy game can kill a tingle dead. Beta males are known for leaning too heavily on sympathy game, and alpha males too little. Like Baby Bear’s porridge, you gotta get it just right.

Sympathy game delivers its biggest payload when the girl doesn’t expect it. Imagine you are a girl who has just (presumably) destroyed a man’s hopes with the IHAB excuse. You expect he will reply with some cloying request to meet again, or some spiteful put-down. Instead, he lobs the “my dog died” grenade right twixt your labia. That’s the kind of unpredictability that girls swoon for in men. It’s important to remember that the nurture instinct, while anhedonic in nature, is almost as strong in women as the hypergamy instinct. You should leverage both to your advantage.


chi-town explains the direction the text exchange *should* have taken, rather than the one it did:

Her: “IHABF we are not doing that again text”
(90mins later) Me: I hope not. that stubble hurt
(13 mins later)Her: Well I wasn’t plannin on havin sex my bad
(28 mins later)Her: Didn’t stop you from goin there three times

Its informative about her need to be defensive but costly information to retrieve. The wrong conversation all together. The attitude should have been :

Her: “we are not doing that again text”
Him: “What?”
Her: “Fucking”
Him: “Oh that. What about it? ”
Her: “you and I are not fucking”.
Him: “Just that or is this a good bye?”
Her: “What do you think is going to happen?”
Him: “Upon reflection, I am certain I was not thinking ahead”


Sex is not on your mind and neither was she entirely. When it was, it wan’t about the sex….Women are along for the ride…Women are the ones who bring up sex while you change the subject. You don’t care about the outcome etc..


* why wasn’t the sex on his mind?
* wait, maybe he sees something deeper because he implies something else? But still..

Women have a subconscious mental algorithm which sole purpose is to assume that men are always angling for sex with them. Now, this algorithm serves them well because, in fact, most men *are* angling for sex with them, if the women are attractive. You can use this knee-jerk, sex-supposition female reflex against them to incredible effect: the man who does not follow the script playing out in a woman’s head is automatically more intriguing than 99% of the men she encounters in her life. This means not biting down on her “beta bait” by, for instance, asking for answers why more fucking isn’t forthcoming, or insinuating more fucking is on the table. Doing the opposite — acting like the sex wasn’t foremost on your mind, and she’s making a mountain out of a molehill — will ensure the conversation remains centered around your frame, and steadily pushing against her barricaded ego.

“The defensive couch is where pussy tingles are born. Squirt!”


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