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Every Man Deserves

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Chuck Rudd over at GLPiggy has a funny post about a chick elaborating the kind of man every woman deserves. Needless to say, it’s the very Moloko Plus of female self-absorption. (What’re you offering in return, sweet cheeks? An ass the size of a barn door?) A commenter wonders where the equivalent “Every man deserves…” post is. Wonder no more!

Every man, no matter his station in life, his character, his personality or his hygiene, deserves a woman who calls him the rod of steely justice, gobbles his knob like she means it, fucks him like she never wants to let him get soft, doesn’t attention whore or bitch about making him a sammich, wipes his load when he jizzes, doesn’t make him lose interest by getting fat, instead gets in even better shape so he won’t have to keep checking out other women, is not scared to let her friends know she won’t be gossiping about him, and lets him know how much she really loves him with the only thing that matters — her welcoming orifices. Repost if you agree.

You laugh. But this kind of entitlement is par for the course on feminist blogs. Helpful tip to feminists and the modern Western woman: deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.


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