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Pajamas Feminism

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There’s a reason I argue that feminism is anti-standards, and thus, anti-beauty. If girls start taking up the feminist banner in earnest, expect to see ugliness shroud the nation like an advancing orc army spilling out of Mordor. And one sign of that ugliness is women thumbing their noses at feminine fashion. Roosh writes about feminism’s anti-beauty message: “Next thing you know, American women will appear in public wearing pajamas.”

Already too late. Recently walking through what we’ll call ‘Whole SWPLs’ on a weekend afternoon, I noticed a hipster-ish couple groping a selection of gala apples. Both the man and the woman were wearing what looked exactly like pajamas. Loose-fitting, billowy, plaid cotton pajama pants, pilling from too many washings and dryings. They had jackets on, but underneath the girl’s jacket I spied what appeared to be the matching top to her pajamas.

Maybe these were clothes designed to mimic the look of pajamas, but does it matter whether they actually tumbled out of bed and seized the day in their sleepwear, or if they put on clothes that looked like they tumbled out of bed to seize the day in their sleepwear?

That’s it. We’ve arrived. The total neglect of one’s appearance is now a fashion statement. A nation of Dudes and Dudettes. Careful man, I’m holding an iPhone here.


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