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Have you ever noticed how many hot girls have a passel of gay male friends in their inner circle? But don’t get the wrong impression. It’s not accurate to say these gay men are orbiters sucking up to the emotional needs of their girl friends; more often, the hot chicks are orbiting the gay men. The gay men decide where to go out, and the women follow. The gay men lead conversations, and the women respond. Hot babes, in other words, are the beta male orbiters to gay male friends.

I don’t know how gay men act around other attractive gay men — presumably they act similarly to straight beta males in the company of hot women — but I do know that gay men are the absolute MASTERS of negging and teasing hot chicks. Thus, beta males starting out with game would find it helpful to spend some time hanging with mixed groups that include gay men. What they will witness is an absolute CLINIC in the use of negs and teasing to arouse the pleasure centers in women.

Overheard examples:

Hot chick: [complaing about her long workouts]

Gay male friend: That’s not a real workout. Stop bitching.


Hot chick: [lamenting the long walk to the party in her high heels] I almost wanted to take them off and throw them in the street!

Gay male friend: [looking at her shoes and shaking his head disapprovingly] Next time, don’t just say it. Do it!

Why are gay men so good at negging hot women? Sure, gays have a biting, shallow wit and a keen ability to ricochet from one subject to another giving each only the most superficial consideration that appeals to women, but more importantly, gays are totally relaxed around very good-looking girls. Women’s beauty — the prime vector inducing stammering, stuttering, stressing and pants loading in straight beta males — exerts no influence on gay men’s emotional states, except in a distantly abstract aesthetic sense, like one might feel admiring a pleasing artwork.

Straight men — and by straight men I mean beta males, because alpha males already understand how women function — can learn a thing or two from gay men about how to handle hot chicks. Gay men have natural attraction game around women, because they are truly 100% outcome independent. There isn’t a gay man alive who cares about closing the deal with a chick.

You’ll learn more observing the gay man-hot chick social dynamic. Gays don’t neg and tease constantly, though they do tease a lot more than you suspect. Every so often, the gay friend will flatter his girl friend and pass a compliment along, usually relating to something she’s wearing or her improved body. But it seems every sincere compliment is leavened with three backhanded compliments, three sarcastic ripostes, and three playground-style teasing insults.

Why do hot girls put themselves in this reactive position vis-á-vis gay men? Simple. They like it. They love how their gay friends verbally molest them. They love it so much they often remark absent-mindedly how great it would be if their gay friends were straight.

The hot girl who is surrounded by boring beta men all day, who gets approached by marble-mouthed suitors more often than she can count, craves the teasing put-downs and the mercurial ministrations of self-confident, don’t-give-a-shit-what-she-thinks men in her life. Gay men give her all that, minus the cock. Imagine her delight when a straight man with game gives her the same thing, plus the bonus of a massively tumescent penis.


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