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Jaquan writes:

I dont agree with that IQ shit. Im from the hood and very smart in math and physics my favourite subject. Trust me tho homie when it comes to getting hotties im a monster and I respect all your games cuz im a player too and I learned alot from you these last few days. Being smart is a part of so you can mindfuck girls mathematically and keep them coming like a black hole in the universe lol. Just pointing out that science oriented guys got game too especially us from the hood. Shout out to the slimes. Harlem all day.

You laugh but the guy has a point. Combine intelligence with street smarts and thuglife attitude and you may as well sign your paperwork “Thee Most Honourable Sultan of Snatch, Ph.D. in Harem Studies, Pimp, Daddy & Daddy, BigLove Firm, LLCmeswoopyourho”.


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