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Here’s a little secret: some of the “routines” that pickup artists use to attract women are actually reformulations of children’s games. The games that you used to do as a child to annoy your little brother or sister, or the pig-tailed girl on the playground, are those same games that spark an attraction in adult women. Why? Because children’s games are essentially LONG FORM NEGS.

Following are examples of children’s games that you should play with women you intend to bang.

The Repeating Game

This is a classic. You repeat everything she says or does back to her. The quicker you copy her, the funnier it is. When you are repeating her words almost at the same moment as she says them (this requires a bit of prescience and luck) the hilarity will cause her BJ lips to flutter with giggles.

Almost no woman can resist the fun of the repeating game. You’ll know she’s really into it when she tries to pull a reverse psychology repeat by starting a sentence with “I”, as in “I’m a big doofus”, in which case you will have to repeat “I’m a big doofus” back to her. Just be careful not to overdo it. Wait for her to get seriously annoyed (her tone will give it away), then do it once more.


As the both of you are walking to a new venue, hit her on the shoulder or ass and yell “Tag, you’re it!”, then run away. If she chases you, she’s DTF. If she doesn’t, walk back with a look of disappointment and accuse her of lameness. Or use her non-participation as an excuse to escape, and keep running.

Stop Touching Me

Put her hand on yourself, then reprimand her by saying “Stop touching me” while pushing her hand off. Do this a few times, each time increasing the fake annoyance in your voice. “Seriously, stop touching me!” “Stop touching me or I’ll tell mom.” “Stop touching me pervy mcpervster!” “Wow, you just can’t get enough of this man goodness, can you?”

Simon Says

Girl: Will you buy me a drink?

You: You didn’t say ‘simon says’.

Girl: Simon says, buy me a drink.

You: No.

Sidewalk Cracks

This game is really fun when you are walking her back to your place for the F close. Announce “Don’t step on the cracks or you’ll break your mother’s back” and start hopping from one sidewalk square to another. If she joins you in the silliness, she’s DTF. The ridiculous fun factor goes up to 11 if you are walking with her on a cobblestone street.

Thumb Wrestling

Self-explanatory. Any situation will work. “We have to thumb wrestle for it.” You can trick her with the ‘snake in the grass’. This is where you cheat by using your index finger to pin down her thumb. If she punches you after losing, she’s DTF.

Some of you may be wondering when to play these games with women. Well, pretty much whenever you sense an opportunity. They can be played during the attraction stage as a way to tease a girl and disqualify yourself. Or you can play them while sitting with her on a couch and getting comfortable. They’re great mood lifters and routine breakers in LTRs. A woman would have to have a heart of stone not to get into the spirit of a fun, goofy game.

Children’s games work because children know how to tease. The art of teasing is lost as the years pile up and adult responsibilities deaden the soul. Teasing is extremely attractive to women because it signals you aren’t automatically impressed by them. Women love to feel like they have to earn the attraction of a man they are talking to, just as a man has to earn a woman’s attraction.

Another benefit of playing children’s games with women: they are probably the simplest way to demonstrate amused mastery.


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