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Confident Dork Game

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Over at Roosh’s active pickup forum, there’s a discussion about a daygame video featuring the (self-identified) PUA Sasha. Here is the video:

For a quintessential example of the type of, what I call, confident dork daygame Sasha runs, watch his attempted pickup beginning at the 11:30 mark. Sasha clearly comes from the school of thespian PUAs. Very animated, to the point of hyperactivity. Even his hair is histrionic.

I don’t know what percentage of pickup artists selling their services employ this sort of goofy, theatrical game, but I’m seeing more of it in marketing videos released for public consumption. Sasha’s video suffers a shellacking over at Roosh’s forum, so I don’t want to pile on here except to note that in their zeal to push product and distinguish themselves a lot of the newer generation of pickup businesses are abandoning basic, fundamental game principles along the way.

For instance, little of the game literature advises men to specifically ask a girl if she has a boyfriend, which Sasha does a lot, using it as a springboard into a stacked routine.

Sasha: Do you have a boyfriend?

Girl: Why, yes I do.

Sasha: Is he a real boyfriend or an imaginary boyfriend?

Girl: Real.

Sasha: Name.


Sasha: Oh, you hesitated. What does your imaginary boyfriend think of you chatting up guys?

Cute. But probably counterproductive. Reminding girls of their boyfriends, or giving them excuses to get away from you, would not constitute tight game. Mystery specifically admonished against asking about BFs, instead preferring to ignore the subject unless the girl brought it up, at which point he would evade or turn it around in a humorous way that demonstrated alpha cool.

There are some other things Sasha does that violate some core game concepts, such as crossing his arms when talking to a girl, speaking too quickly, self-deprecation, jumping like a sex predator or a circus clown in front of them, and excessive complimenting. Despite that, I’ve little doubt he bangs some hot chicks. (And credit goes to him for approaching mostly hot babes and allowing his failures to be videotaped.) Confident dork game, however ridiculous, will get you laid more often than no game, the latter of which is what 95% of the world’s men actually run. But the useful comparison is not between game and no game, but between different schools of game. And it is my belief that Sasha’s dorky direct street game comes up short as a learnable and effective game system for the majority of men.

55% of the general male population are introverts. (This number may be higher for men of East Asian ancestry and lower for men of African ancestry.) Introverts dislike striking up conversations with random strangers. Unlike extroverts, introverts become mentally and physically drained from social interaction, and this is compounded when they are talking with strangers. There is no way this group of men will enjoy running anything close to Sasha’s in-your-face entertainment monkey game. You can only bend a human being’s psychosocial profile so much before he gives up in disgust.

I doubt many *extroverted* men would enjoy spastic direct game of this sort, either. You have to be really comfortable with making a spectacle of yourself to pull off what Sasha does with any degree of success. (By my take, most of the women in Sasha’s video did not look as enamored of him as the chick in this video looked when Yad ran somewhat more restrained direct game on her. A lot of the chicks Sasha talked to had that rocking body motion going on, one foot ahead of them ready to make a break for it.) Confident dork game seems very limited in appeal, let alone efficacy.

Which brings up a point: there is an underserved market ready to be plundered by the pickup business which can capitalize on the specific needs of introverted men. These are the guys who make up the majority of warm bodies sitting in seats at PUA seminars. Naturally extroverted men likely have less need for game, so Sasha-type game really targets only a small slice of potential customers. The guys who leave bootcamps with a sour experience and demand their money back are probably the introverts who couldn’t shotgun approach thirty mixed group sets in a night without having a mental breakdown. They were forced to do something that stretched their comfort zone and their skillset too far, and they responded with resentment.

Good game should serve this group of men equally as well as the extroverted group. Indirect openers, confident but muted body language, sustainable talking points and plausible routines and lines that don’t sound outrageously contrived and don’t require a CV filled with acting experience to pull off should be the goal of most pickup businesses. In other words, the FUNDAMENTALS.

Truth is, I tried Sasha-type dork game… once. I felt like an idiot. The girl was nice enough, and giggled a little bit, clearly flattered and embarrassed by the public attention, but I got the BF line and that was that. Dancing around, swinging my arms, twirling, and peppering the girl with compliments and questions just didn’t seem to me like any sort of effective game technique. I returned to doing what brought me success most frequently: indirect game.


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