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The effectiveness of kino — the act of casually (and calculatingly) touching a woman during a pickup to establish your sexual interest, to make her comfortable with the idea of sex with you, and to guide her away from putting you in the friend zone — is confirmed by a scientific study.

Previous research has shown that light tactile contact increases compliance to a wide variety of requests. However, the effect of touch on compliance to a courtship request has never been studied. In this paper, three experiments were conducted in a courtship context. In the first experiment, a young male confederate in a nightclub asked young women to dance with him during the period when slow songs were played. When formulating his request, the confederate touched (or not) the young woman on her forearm for 1 or 2 seconds. In the second experiment, a 20-year-old confederate approached a young woman in the street and asked her for her phone number. The request was again accompanied by a light touch (or not) on the young woman’s forearm. In both experiments, it was found that touch increased compliance to the man’s request. A replication of the second experiment accompanied with a survey administered to the female showed that high score of dominance was associated with tactile contact. The link between touch and the dominant position of the male was used to explain these results theoretically.

Kino and compliance are two integral parts of seduction.* There are plenty of posts in the Chateau archives covering these two important topics. If you are not touching a woman early on in a pickup, chances are you will fail to get her number, let alone a lay. Don’t listen to indignant feminists when they claim that men should keep their hands to themselves until they are invited to touch; the truth is, as it often is when feminists and their distorted beliefs are the subject, the complete opposite: men who touch early and without permission are the ones who win girls’ hearts.

Why do women respond so positively to kino from men, to the point of complying with the men’s requests for a slow dance or a phone number? The answer is in the survey results of the study: kino is associated with male dominance. And women LOVE LOVE LOVE male dominance. If you need a reminder:

Chicks dig power.
Men dig beauty.

Salesmen have known the secret of kino for ages, which is why the best salesmen, if you’re paying attention, will find a way to lightly put their hand on your elbow when they’re guiding you to their product. Kino is a little trickier in male-on-male interactions, though, because the same dominance display that works to sexually arouse women will cause another man to bristle like a porcupine.

Women also emphasize touch more than men do. If you go shopping with a woman, you’ll notice how often she caresses linens or traces a finger along furniture and vases. A woman lives in the world of touch, exquisite touch, and a man who can create that bond of touch early in a pickup will leave a bigger impression on her than a man who keeps his hands firmly by his side.

Kino leads to small acts of compliance, which eventually lead to the big act of compliance for sex. Nonverbal kino — hand on upper arm, then forearm, then thigh — isn’t the only way to escalate a seduction through its stages. Creating an emotional connection with graduated verbal compliance — asking a series of increasingly personal and sexual questions — is like the conversational form of kino. The two together — nonverbal and verbal compliance — combine to create a powerful arousal in women.

*Works on sluts and non-sluts, proles and SWPLs alike!


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