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Terse Text Game Vindicated

A reader emails:

So I’ve heard you recommend just sending “gay” back as a text in various situations. I’ve always stayed away from it, just thinking it was overly harsh and unnecessary. I met a girl at the bar this weekend, thought we hit it off well enough, got a number. She was a very cute college chick, home for the summer. Here’s the exchange.

me: hey its jack*, whats up (my standard opener to a girl i meet at the bar)
her: jack? sorry.
me: gay
her: is that your last name or are you calling me gay hahaha

I then carried on a short text convo and set up a date later in the week.

Other responses considered:
“that many guys usually ask for your number?” (neg)
“didn’t realize you were that drunk fri”

[ed: *name changed to preserve anonymity]</>

Yes, terse text game will moisten pussies from here to Tokyo. Ambiguity, ambivalence and an air of supremacy are the hallmarks of uncaring asshole game, and that is the game that works best on the hottest chicks.

The reader’s four example replies below are also very good, except for the last one, which sounds a little defensive.

When in doubt about how to reply to a girl who texted you something flaky, you can’t go wrong with ‘gay’.


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