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Government Jobs Defined

A commenter over at OneSTDV had this to say about government jobs:

Easy air conditioned jobs for chicks. Gets them out of the house, caters to their egos, and taxes men to pay their salaries. By the time the chicks get bored and disillusioned the players are done with them and they will be looking for husbands to support them.

I was listening to a girl complain about her impending unemployment, and her plans for finding a new job. I asked her what she was looking into. “Oh, something in media and communications.”

The current trajectory of America is unsustainable, and will implode sooner rather than later. Right now, it is a race between Malthusian mass disenfranchisement and the creation of a robot labor force to cater to our survival and entertainment needs. Any bets which way this will go?


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