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In the documentary ‘Pimps Up, Ho’s Down‘, there is a great scene where one of the pimps is describing in lush detail a happy scenario to a smoking hot ho on the brink of, presumably, committing to his harem.

Keep on believin’ in me, baby, just like when I met you in the juke joint, and I came up wit you, and I said it’ll all be good. And I’ll lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow […] Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Because you never quit, we continue to win. I mean, it’s gonna be greater than this, we gonna go to Brazil and South Central [Ed: lol], you just stick with me. Come on, Natalie. It’s a long ways from that juke joint that we met, you know what I’m sayin’.

Beta schlubs, listen carefully to that exchange. That is how you hook women.

Let’s break it down to illustrate the game concepts in play.

Keep on believin’ in me, baby

He’s challenging her to have faith. He’s not asking, he’s demanding. Women love to be challenged. Also, never miss a chance to call a woman by a sexy pet name.

just like when I met you in that juke joint

Time distortion. Bouncing around in time, and having her think about a happy time with you, makes her feel like she’s known you longer than she has. This builds an emotional connection which all women crave. Remember, the more details the better. Details like the color of the curtains in the place you met her are going to zoom her brain straight to that moment. Chicks remember that shit like you remember baseball stats.

and I said it’ll all be good

Positive language is the key to pickup. Here the pimp is demonstrating his ability to be a protector of loved ones. It’ll all be good as long as she stays with him.

I’ll lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Women love men with dreams, with aspirations. They want to hitch their wagons to a man with a plan. Tell her you’ll be the one to show her the end of the rainbow and she’ll swoon like you’re Jesus pimpin Christ.

Because you never quit, we continue to win

Note the use of the ‘we’. You want to draw women into your world, to attach them to your fate. It’s not you and it’s not her; it’s the both of you in your secret world together against the rest of the world.

it’s gonna be greater than this, we gonna go to Brazil

More dreamscaping. Keeps women in a continual state of excited expectation, which is where they like to be. What do women hate most? Boredom. The dull life. Since women aren’t capable of creating excitement and drama on their own, they turn to men to do it for them. Of course, you never really have to go to Brazil. The trick is to just keep her believing that you’ll get there with her one day. In fact, game is kind of like Brazil: It’s the promise of a golden future together, and always will be.

you just stick with me

Secret handshake.

Come on, Natalie.

As emotionally torqued as this pimp is toward her, he’s not so invested that he can’t ignore her for a second to order his other girl to follow them. Girls love men who have this kind of situational awareness. It demonstrates leadership qualities.

It’s a long ways from that juke joint that we met

He’s reminding her of the serious time together that they’ve shared. Time distortions like this helpfully remind girls that they’ve invested a lot into you. When a girl thinks she’s invested in you, she has incentive to raise your value beyond its objective worth. Girls tend to want to stick it out with men in whom they have invested time.


Interestingly, in other parts of the movie, you’ll see that when a pimp enters a room, his hos precede him. This is an alpha move; the servants and sycophants always walk ahead of the king, who bestrides in behind them to the accolades of the crowd. Seemingly trivial body placements like this can radically alter a man’s sexual value in the eyes of women, and his social value in the eyes of men. This is why bosses generally show up to meetings a little later than their underlings. It’s a status signal.

You’ll note, too, how powerfully the pimps maintain eye contact with their hos. Eye contact, like the showing of teeth, is an alpha dominance gesture.

Pimping is a gutter culture, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean pasty white betas can’t learn a thing or two from pimps. Trashy as it may be, the fact remains that pimps KNOW women. They understand women in a way your typical office drone, weekend lawn mowing beta herb does not. Betas would do well to heed the pimp’s lessons, and to emulate some of the pimp’s attitude and cocksureness. For instance, when you go home to your wife after a hard day’s work, don’t just plop for dinner. Sidle up and whisper in her ear about the luxurious places you’re going to take her, and the dreams you have for the both of you.

Get all MLK on her ass. “I have a dream, baby.”

Women lap that shit up.

So many marriages would be pulled back from the brink of divorce and into blissful happiness if more beta husbands showed a strong pimp hand with their wives. Women just can’t WAIT for a pimp daddy to hustle the femcuntiness right outta them.


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