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To Thine Own Shrine Be True

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Why was Osama Bin Laden’s body buried at sea before third parties could confirm its authenticity through DNA tests? Based on the experience of the last ten twenty thirty years, do you autonomically believe anything the government tells you these days? It would have been a simple matter to hold onto the body for the media to confirm it was Bin Laden.

A commenter over at Steve Sailer’s says it best:

I find it weird that they [claimed] Bin Laden ‘wasn’t a real Muslim’, but then rush to bury him within 24 hours in accordance with Islamic law.

File under: PC makes you stoopid. Of course, Osama was a real Muslim. He was following the Koran to the letter when he declared his jihad against the infidels. But PC has infected the minds of everyone in the West, top to bottom.

The circumstances over this capture open a bigger can of worms than they close. It’s looking like Pakistan’s intelligence agency and military knew Osama was alive and were actively hiding him from US forces while their government fleeced the American taxpayer to the tune of billions. Shifty Muslims, feminism, PC, diversity, open borders, bailouts, subprime mortgages… maybe Americans should come pre-equipped with the word SUCKER tattooed on their foreheads?

I hope the Navy SEALs pissed on Bin Laden’s corpse before they tossed him overboard.


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