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It’s also a fantastic game technique. As women are the gatekeepers to sex, it is implicitly understood that they will be the ones to choose when and where to give it up, and men, for the most part, fall in line with this implied narrative accordingly. And that is why they fail. But flip the script on women — that is, be the one to play hard to get, and the one to be coy about the chance for sex — and you will have mindfucked your seduction target so thoroughly she will find herself, against all her natural proclivities, working hard for your sexual lavishment.

Reader “Alpha Newb” emails:

I came across your blog about 3 wks. ago and I’m fully convinced it’s the best thing on the web for males.  My only regret is that I didn’t come across this damn thing about 10 years ago when it could have really helped me in high school.  Anyways, I’m a young male in my upper 20’s with a mix of beta and alpha qualities (now I’ve finally found ways to weed out the beta) and I wanted to share a success story after spending a couple weeks on your site:

My g/f and I were in a fight and then made up.  She started kissing me and I told her I didn’t feel like messing around, given everything that had happened earlier.  She said ok and the night went on as normal.  A few hours later she went into her room and came out in nothing but a thong, jumped on top of me, and started making out with me.  Now this is where I would have normally given in but taking things I had learned from this site I stuck with what I had told her earlier.  I pushed her off and told her she needed to respect my earlier decision not to get physical that night. She gave a bunch of typical whinny girl pleas until she finally gave up, whimpering and defeated.  When I was about to leave she finally let me in on what was going on in her head and here is what she said word for word:

“I’m just afraid you’re going to leave here feeling really empowered and I just don’t like that.”

Seriously, her words.

Need I say more…

no, but two days later when I saw her again she was begging for it like never before and I gave it to her and she enjoyed it multiple times.  The hamster had been in full sprint mode for two days and I could tell.

I am in debt to you my friend for your wisdom.

My g/f is as well for the multiple orgasms.

-Alpha Newb

Also, one more question, if a girl finds out you are running systemized game on her, is it systemized game over?

The empowered line is probably her hamster rationalizing why she felt hornier when you denied her sex. The underlying ancestral ape-brain reason has to do with your value shooting through the roof vis-á-vis her value, and how that dynamic arouses her beyond anything she had thought possible. She didn’t want to have sex with you to regain hand, at least not subconsciously; she wanted sex with you because your upper hand inflamed her desire.

It’s not entirely a rationalization, though. Women do feel worry — something akin to dread — when their lovers show signs of sexual apathy. A woman’s main relationship currency is her vagina and her looks. When those go, so goes the relationship if the man has any sort of dating market options at all. (If she has him legally tied and bound in the straitjacket of marriage, the relationship can linger for decades in an asexual limbo.) A man who has the presence of mind and the cool as fuck calm to deny sex to his GF is a man who, in her hamster-fueled mind, is halfway out the door, or even fucking some strange on the side.

Women, in other words, feel most empowered — and thus most secure — in an unmarried relationship only so long as they inspire uncontrollable lust in their men. A man who is on the fence with his sexual desire, or a man who seems marginally committed to investing his emotional and physical payload — that is, a man who has supernatural stoic control of his lust —  can extract all kinds of kinky sexual concessions from his woman. See: Story of O.

Given that, there is reason for women to want to maintain sexual hand in a relationship. While young slender women generally have options (if not an inclination) to fuck around profligately with any available loser, men don’t have that sort of readily exchangeable sexual barter. So a man who impresses upon a woman that he has options — through the game tactics of takeaways, push/pull, jealousy plotlines or sex denying — sets himself apart from the mass of men, and instills an excruciating level of worry, and lust, in his lover.

Denying women sex is a huge DHV. It’s also one of the simpler ways to instantly raise your value relative to her. So why do so few men avail themselves of this technique? The answer goes beyond mere horniness. Men are conditioned from pre-birth to play the roles of pleasers, toadies, wish fulfillers, suckups, courters, suitors, impressers, approval seekers and ego assuagers when relating to attractive girls. From the first strand of DNA, men have an innate compulsion to “win” women over. To win their approval, their admiration, their pats on the back. It is difficult not only to recognize this compulsion within each of us, but to upend it and do exactly the opposite.

And yet doing the opposite will get you more sex with hotter women. It is one of the weirdest paradoxes of humanity. Do you want to be one of those lapdogs begging for scraps from “empowered” women, or do you want women tripping over themselves trying to please you sexually? Have you made your decision for Lucifer yet? Then deny your GF, your date, your wife sex. Not all the time, of course. But enough times to keep her in a perpetual state of anxiety and heightened arousal.

There are many ways to capture the essence of denying sex without actually turning a girl down for sex as she’s straddling you in a thong. For instance:

– Cut dates short. Always end dates before the girl does.

– Get her lubed up with make-outs and finger banging, then stand up and announce you have to leave to get up early for a business trip in the morning. Watch the shocked look of unresolved horniness plaster her face. She’ll offer anal before close of the fourth date.

– “Not right now, I’ve got a headache.” It’s doubly effective when men use this line.

– Tell her you’re going to fuck her when you get home, and then forget to do it.

– And the most brutal sex denying method?

…wait for it…

……waaaaaaaait for it………

Abruptly stop banging her right in the middle of sex. Tell her you’re tired of fucking and you need some rest. Or don’t say anything at all. Just… stop. And roll over to sleep. Don’t sound spiteful. Everything is done matter-factly. This will fry her brain. Her hamster will be thinking about what it all means for months, maybe years.

Naturally, the above require a dose of self-discipline that many men either don’t have, or have never bothered to cultivate. Men’s horniness is leagues more intense and instantaneous than women’s, though women can reach greater heights of horniness with the right lover and given enough fulfilled preconditions. But hey, if you want to succeed at this game, a little sacrifice means a greater reward down the road.

To the emailer’s question:

I’ve never known a girl to leave because she found out she was gamed into bed. If anything, they become more aroused and intrigued by such knowledge.


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