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Sid comments:

Here is decent Facebook game:

There was a very attractive girl, a verbatim 9, who had self-shot herself. She was smiling with even white teeth, managing to angle the shot just right so that you could see her sitting with shorts, her legs revealed.

Five people liked it.

White Beta Male with his name written in katakana: Radiant.

Beta Male twice her age: Your always so beautiful!!

Grrlfriend: so pretty~!

Chick with a mirror shot: Man I wanna pierce my nose soooo bad! I like the hoop on you 🙂

AzN Beta: Bang’n

Duckfaced Douchebag: holy sheeet

Me: I like your left eye better.

She immediately responded to me, and to me alone: “Hahaha!”

And this is why Facebook is such a pussy-less wasteland for the typical beta male. Unless you have game — like Sid here — and can set yourself apart from the mediocre masses, you can expect your shit-lapping suckuppery to disappear into a vortex rift of female egotism.

Succeeding with hot women means tearing down their egos a notch or two, not building them up! Recall, the major roadblock to successfully seducing good-looking, emotionally normal chicks in their primes is not their low self-esteem; just the opposite — it’s their HIGH self-esteem. All these toadies tripping over themselves to “like” girls’ Facebook photos and lavish chicks with compliments are living in an alternate universe where doing the opposite of sexy and charismatic blesses them with a harem of young, sexually voracious lovers. Instead, all they are doing is feeding a beast already full from feasting on the flattery of thousands of lickspittles.

I suspect a lot of these pathetic betas just get off on being able to freely toss out an obsequious compliment to a girl on Facebook because in the online world there is no risk that she’ll immediately scrunch up her face with disgust or tell him to “take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Perhaps they get a momentary thrill at play-acting this juvenile and emotionally stunted form of arid, sexless seduction.

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