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In Praise Of American Women

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American women get a lot of shit, and justifiably so. Compared to the average women from other nations, the average American woman is:

– fat
– entitled
– unfeminine
– fat
– demanding
– really effin fat
– man-hating
– divorce-happy
– career-focused
– goddamn that is one obese land whale
– self-absorbed
loud and obnoxious
attention whoring
sloppy and unkempt
skreechy, whiny, bitchy
– and, oh yeah, did I mention fat?

But this post is not about what we already know to be true about American women and their wretched character. Instead, this post is a celebration of the positive attribute of American women. And it’s a big one.

Dimitri writes in a comment to this post:

I see not americans women as the problem but these females in general.

I’m from russia and you americans men who think our women better and to make you more happy, this is not true. I think russians women are worse for wanting you for your money and yelling at you if you do not meet her wants for material things. Many russians here have little so these women demand much, maybe because they see what you americans have on tv. I hate russia women and would be glad to have a women like you americans have who do not flirt or offer sex so they can marry my money. Russias women are manipulative i think like any other women. I have seen many women of all different backgrounds who conspire to meet an end.

Even though Dimitri’s English is choppy, I think we all understand what he’s saying. And I agree with him. While my experiences with Russian women have been blessedly free of craven materialistic concerns, I have heard plenty of stories from other men attesting to the coldly calculating mindset that Russian women tend to bring to the dating market. Dimitri is in the thick of it with Russian women, and he is thus able to gain a clearer third party perspective of American women. And to him, an outsider, it looks as if American women are loose sluts who happily give it up on the basis of fleeting emotion instead of crass materialistic reasons. It’s easy to see how foreign men like Dimitri would find that American female attitude a breath of fresh air compared to their devious compatriot women.

American women are indeed more callow when deciding which men to fuck. Money and resources matter, of course, but not until well after she’s already given it up. The American woman has fully imbibed the feminism of her mothers and grandmothers and is happy to slut it up with a roundtable of men who make her emotions tingle with delight by running good game on her. Those American beta males who think they will enjoy a feast of freebie pussy in other countries are in for a rude awakening. You might just find that the easiest women were right in your American backyard.

So this post is a big high five to American women for being self-sufficient enough to overlook crass financial and values compatibility and for being all too willing to give it up just because a guy negged her once or twice and played hard to get.

To American women! Ladies, you go all the way right away, and for that, we salute you! Grab your trophy at the door.

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