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From the email wing of the Chateau:

I’m doing relationship game. How do I deal with comments from my girlfriend about her ex. Well, really he was just a friend with benefits. She recently told me “There was good sex with him.”

She definitely gets her world rocked with me in bed. The sex is hot and good. So, how do I deal with these kinds of comments?

See this post. Specifically, email #3. And the comments are good, too.

Is your girlfriend American? It would explain a lot. No woman of character and heart who is dating you, and presumably likes to be with you, would tell you about the sex she had with her ex. An alpha male would consider that grounds for dismissal. Betas would take that load of wet shit to the face and smile gamely. Which are you?

Should you choose to stay with her, (and incessant commenting about exes is a huge red flag that a dumping is imminent), you have three avenues of response, in ascending order of behavior correction efficacy:

Disregard (“Man, I’ve had the farts all day.”)

Humor (“Thanks for the slut report.”)

Acknowledge and Amplify (“Yeah I know what you mean about exes. Some leave a lasting impression. Still can’t forget that one who loved doing it in public.”)

A&A is particularly effective. If this girl of yours has any feeling for you, she will take the hint and auto-adjust her attitude and never talk about ex sex with you again. If she is a bitch, she will bristle like a prickly pube patch and try to out-compete you with additional ex stories, or she will hypocritically accuse you of immaturity. If the latter, dump her forthwith, or, if you’re in a generous mood, use her for rogering while surreptitiously staking your claim on other girls for the future transition to a better lover.


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