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It is spoken of in reverent tones by men from all walks of life, yet who can honestly say they’ve seen, let alone banged, a genuine hard 10 in the real world? The 10 is perfect female beauty, above which there is no better, only differently perfect. Some men, vexed by the philosophical conundrum of perfection in a trait that is ultimately perceived in the deep recesses of the male brain, insist there is no such thing as a 10, only grades of 9 that asymptotically approach perfection, but never reach it. I do not agree with these poseur pseudo-aesthetes. Beauty is largely objective, and most men will agree with surprising uniformity how individual women rank in the beauty sweepstakes. Some rare women do live, and have lived, who possess the pinnacle of feminine beauty. Perhaps women will evolve toward ever greater beauty, in which scenario the 10s of today may very well be the 8s of tomorrow, but that is a discussion for another post. Here, we are concerned with what activates present day boners, not the boners of the far future.

This post attempts to capture the elusive 10 by discovering whether there can be widespread agreement among men that such women exist. I have chosen pics from the reader submitted female photo page that best represent the hottest that womankind has to offer. I have taken care to select women from different races and ethnicities to add an element of danger controversy curiosity to the voting. All of the following women were rated 10 by at least one reader (usually the original submitter of the photo), so my personal preference was kept to a minimum.

Your job is to rank the following photos. You will notice that the rankings only go from 7 to 10. That is because none of these women would be voted under a 7 by 99% of men in the world. The truncated ranking weeds out the nerds suffering from Internet Male Syndrome who will downgrade a hot chick for having pointy elbows. If you are one of these celibate dorks, understand that your opinion is of no consequence at all. And, likely, neither is your sad and lonely pecker.

If the true 10 exists in real life as opposed to fantasy, then there will be one or more photos from the collection below where the ranking clusters around the top score. A woman who scores, say, 60% or more “10” votes, could rightly be considered to be an actual 10. Majority male rule works when we accept the premise that most men share a mental template for what constitutes female beauty. Scientific evidence and real world observation suggest this premise is true.

Choosing from among all the photos the most beautiful was trickier than it sounds. I wanted a representative sample of non-photoshopped girls, so I tried to mix in some snapshot quality girls-next-door along with the celebrities. The problem with identifying 10s off the street is that their beauty is so rare and captivating they are soon swept from their humdrum daily lives and shuttled straight into the elite lifestyle of model, singer or actress. If you are a man who wants to deflower a 10 before she escapes to an insulated elite bubble, you had better go young; 18-21, and no older.

One more thing. There are likely some relatively minor differences between men of the big four races in their beauty preferences. It’s been widely noted by non-PC brainwashed automatons that black men, for instance, like bigger (some would say fatter) butts on their women. Conversely, Asian men may prefer flatter asses and broader faces. And white men may like longer legs and stronger cheekbones. These differences aren’t big enough to swamp the universal agreement among men on what satisfies the fundamental characteristics of female beauty (neoteny seems to be a universally shared preference), but that they probably exist means that an Ethiopian’s 10, while still beautiful, will look considerably different than a Finn’s 10. Given this, I’ve included a poll at the bottom asking you to identify your race. It will be interesting to see if, and how, the racial breakdown is reflected in the scores for each woman.

Related to this post: Agnostic has a good post on how beauty may have evolved in population groups that spent more time tending animals, and thus exposing themselves to greater parasite loads. (Beauty acts as a signaler that you have the genes to cope with disease.)

Put your dick back in your pants, and start the voting!

That’s it for the 10 voting. Now tell us your race.

Lightning Round!

Is there such a thing as a perfect body? Vote on the woman in this photo:

Beauty, like any other addiction, can often dull the senses if it is consumed absolute. The remedy is to stare at the beautiful woman when she is standing next to a plain or ugly woman. The difference is a stark reminder that beautiful women may as well be a separate species from unattractive women. Don’t believe me? Look at this pic:


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