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A Chateau rep has had an opportunity to observe Roosh run a night game workshop with a student.

The workshop was at a popular U St bar. Roosh was wearing an earpiece, listening and watching a student engage with three girls. I asked if he could hear the student with all the bar noise, and he said he could hear some of their conversation, but sending instructions through the incessant bar noise was more hit and miss. Surprisingly, most girls did not notice the ear piece wire dangling along the back of Roosh’s neck. Perhaps they mistook it for a 1980s-style rattail.

The crowd was wall to wall, girls everywhere. And while plenty of men were there, they didn’t pose much of a competitive nuisance. This was a perfect night game student’s field of battle. Roosh and I kept an eye on his student, noting his body language while Roosh jotted notes down in a small notepad. Occasionally, girls would walk by and ask him about the pad he was writing on, and he would dismiss them with a sarcastic non-sequitur, which of course made the girls more intrigued. As we agreed later, the notepad and pen make a fantastic game prop.

The student for his part was fairly competent at generating friendly rapport with the girls, but needed work on projecting more of an alpha vibe through his body stance, and remembering to touch the girls during his interactions. Roosh had supplied him with plenty of easily-delivered openers, (they weren’t cheesy like “who lies more”; you could see an average Joe saying these lines without wincing), and conversation-building discussion threads, which the student used liberally. I arrived later, so I didn’t see all the sets the student opened, but he approached at least four different women during the time I was there. None of the women blew him out; whatever he was opening with was clearly making an immediate positive impression.

Sometimes the student’s sets went very well, and he wouldn’t return to Roosh for twenty minutes. When he did return, Roosh would give him a quick rundown and some pointers for the next set. The student seemed pretty happy to be there.

A big positive is that there were no high pressure tactics. I liked that Roosh was not barking orders at the student to open set after set. The vibe was decidedly chill and relaxed. There was encouragement to be sure, but nothing so intense that it would make a social introvert burn out on his first night. In contrast, I once witnessed, by coincidence, a game instructor (it was obvious he was teaching a couple of guys) pushing his students to approach as many girls in a night as humanly possible to get over any lingering anxiety. Every time a girl would walk by, the instructor would say “Ok, go! Now!” I find that method counterproductive at best and creepy at worst. The pickup robot frantically racing from one girl to the next can’t help but feel a little “off”. As Roosh mentioned to me, most of his students are eager to learn and don’t need much prodding from him to approach. He simply points out to the students girls in the vicinity and gives them a suitable opening gambit to use, depending on the environment and what the girls may be doing at the time.

Roosh sent me an excerpt of a post-workshop Student Report for one of his Day Game students. I read it and was impressed by the level of detail. It’s no wonder some of the students think the report is the best part of the workshop . It was chock full of analysis and constructive criticism about the student’s approaches. Example:

No. 13
Venue: Whole Foods
Length: 15 seconds
Description: You asked a whole bunch of food questions instead of rambling about food. Pepper your conversation with regular questions about the opening topic. The approach shouldn’t only be question-asking.


You’re asking too many personal questions. Most of your approaches were interviews instead of conversations. Towards the end of the workshop you changed the content of the questions to things about books or foods, but it was still too many. Questions kill the energy of the interaction. You want something that flows instead of halts every ten seconds. In fact, you can do exercises at home where you talk about objects as long as you can. Remember when I talked about the socks at H&M for a couple minutes while asking only one or two questions? It’s better to give statements and observations then to ask (only tight ramble can save approaches, not questions). Plus the more questions you ask, the more she’ll think you’re hitting on her.

I suppose you’d have to have a thick skin to read about your flaws, but that’s a necessary step to success with women. The thin-skinned are not going to handle rejection from women very well if they can’t take helpful criticism from a man.

I also got to read some of the Day and Night Game Workshop Manual Version 2.0. It reads like a revved-up pocket guide to game. The lines and conversation builders are highly accessible to the average man. You can see yourself saying these things without feeling like a nerd or a clown.

Roosh is offering a special to Chateau readers who want to take his day and/or night game workshops. (Here is an update post on his workshops.) Email Roosh at the email address provided in his Day and Night Game post and say the Chateau sent you. Roosh will give you a $20 discount.

If you do end up taking the workshop (or any other workshop), let me know how it goes. Contact me through the email on the About page.


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