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The SWPL Network

I saw The Social Network aka The Asperger’s Wing and thought it was a superficially entertaining dialogorrhea fest that’s supposed to make credentialed class yuppies and SWPLs inwardly gloat that their brains are quick enough to follow the zipadeedooda banter. The theeeeatre was a packed house; looking around, the crowd reminded me of the people who went to go see Jodie Foster’s IQ mash note Little Man Tate. Same faces, same age bracket, same preternatural glow of self-satisfied superiority.

Which got me thinking… why did this thin psychological slice of Zuckerberg’s inner sanctum (Hey! A hot chick’s rejection spurs him to achieve great things!) generate such buzz among the suckup credentialati? (Judging by Zuckernerd’s bland Asian girlfriend, he doesn’t seem like a larger-than-life figure upon whom to base an entire plotline.)

This movie says a lot more about the audience demo giving it accolades than it does about a handful of socially retarded code monkeys who hit it big in the internet glory days. The fact is, SWPLs are enamored of genetic genius and creativity… not ambition, not fortitude, not conscientiousness or discipline… IQ and CQ. The whole lot of them has Harvard envy, and they watch dramatized movies about their IQ superiors with equal parts schadenfreude and admiration. They’ve got a hard-on for good breeding, even if they’d never admit it.

Jesse Eisenberg is not a good actor. The guy who played the Winklevii was good. I was hoping the movie… excuse me, film… would take a wild twist where the Winklevii tag teamed Zuckerberg in a back alley. Rashida Jones is eminently bangable. Justin Timberlake has an annoying face.


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