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The scientific evidence confirming the tenets of game continues rolling in like a tsunami, washing away shrieking feminists and clucking betaboys like so much worthless debris. (Here is the original paper.)

Practicing Certain Poses Creates a Sense of Power

New research indicates that holding a pose that opens up a person’s body and takes up space will alter hormone levels and make the person feel more powerful and more willing to take risks.

Gee, now where have we heard this before?

“These poses actually make you more powerful,” said study researcher Amy C.J. Cuddy, a social psychologist at the Harvard Business School.

Fake it till you make it? Not the whole story. I’ve long contended that game is its own status. That is, that the poses, behavior, words and attitude that game teaches is power in itself, and thus attractive to women. This study proves my contention. When you run game, you are becoming more powerful.

The opposite also proved true: Constrictive postures lowered a person’s sense of power and willingness to take risks.

To gather the balls to hit on women, you need to assume a posture that infuses you with ballsiness. Uncross your arms, lower your drink, open your legs, thrust out your chest, lift your chin a bit and make your crotch the locus of your chi.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned 42 participants, 26 of them women, to assume and hold a pair of either low- or high-power poses. The high-power posers spent one minute sitting in a chair in front of a desk, with feet resting on it and hands clasped behind the head, and, in the other pose, they stood, leaning forward over a table, with arms out and hands resting on the table. In both poses, the participants took up space, an expression of power not unique to the human world. For example, peacocks fan their tails to attract a mate and chimpanzees bulge their chests to assert their hierarchical rank, the researchers noted.

“These power poses are deeply intertwined with the evolutionary selection of what is ‘alpha,’” wrote the researchers in the September issue of the journal Psychological Science.

More and more, my definition of what is the alpha male is being proved correct.

The low-power group sat for one minute with their hands clasped on their thighs, legs together, and also stood for one minute with arms folded and legs crossed.

Low-power = beta. There may be a point, though, at which a man is so incredibly alpha that he can afford to display some beta poses without paying a cost in lowered attractiveness to women. Sort of like the handicap principle.

Those who held the high-power poses saw their testosterone increase, while their levels of a stress hormone, cortisol, decreased.

Chicks can smell testosterone. It’s why they moisten their panties for the male victor in a fight. Testosterone and cortisol are the two hormones to watch. The ideal level for attracting women is high T and low C. Few men can achieve that mix.

The high-power posers were more likely to risk their $2 for the chance to double it: Eighty-six percent took the gamble, compared with 60 percent of the low-power posers.

Chicks dig risk takers. Expendability is a DHV.

This study is part of a field of psychological research called embodiment. The basic idea is that the mind/body relationship is not a one-way street, with the mind giving orders for the body to carry out. Rather, the body also influences the mind. Other studies have indicated, for example, that holding an expression, like a smile, can alter one’s mood, as can a hunched posture.

People who claim that game is trickery designed to fool women into thinking the man is alpha, are wrong. Game will actually alter your perception of yourself and create a positive power feedback loop. Game even alters hormone levels.

Schubert has studied the bodily feedback produced by fist-clenching. After making and holding a fist, men reported feeling more powerful. Female subjects, by contrast, had less hope for control after making a fist.

I often find myself balling up my hands into a fist when I’m thinking about something that makes me angry.

The researchers attributed the results to the idea that men associate their own physical force with power, while women associate it with powerlessness…

Women derive their power from their sexiness, and their ability to engage in verbal subterfuge. Physical force offers them no advantage.

The study also showed that practicing these power poses before going out translates into feeling more powerful hours afterward. So, stand tall, silverback, and pillage the pussy that is rightfully yours.


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