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Gaming Asian Girls

An anonymous reader with yellow fever emails:

Dear Chateau,

I was reading your post about when not to use game (game = no no for 4s and under) when I remembered seeing about two posts with a herb and its asian girlfriend.

Would you say that one shouldn’t use game on Asians?

Or would what I thought might be a pattern, be a small coincidence that means nothing whatsoever?

First, a clarification. The necessity of game is less a function of the race or absolute beauty ranking of the girl you are gaming than it is a function of the girl’s self-perceived ranking relative to your ranking, and of the amount of times (and how recently) in her life she has been hit on by men. So a princessified American 4 who fancies herself a 6 will require gaming if you are a 6, but will need little gaming if you are an 8. A 2 will need game if you are a 3, but not if you are a 7. A 6 who has been hit on by thousands of horny men because she lives in a city with a skewed sex ratio will not only require game to get in her pants, but will demand it, and this will be true for all men except those at the very highest rank.

Note that since women date up, in practice most girls will require game. Few men will be of sufficiently higher ranking than the women they meet to afford a pickup strategy that eschews game. The only real world cases that come to mind of men who don’t need any game are high social status semi-famous guys who consistently shoot low. A male 9 (within his milieu) is not going to need game if he makes it a habit of seducing only 5s and 6s. In fact, game will actually hurt his chances with low hanging pussy fruit. But once that male 9 starts aiming for female 8s and 9s, he’s going to find out the limits of his pickup prowess very quickly. 8s and 9s won’t tolerate much beta behavior from any man, even male 9s and 10s.

The point is moot, since no sane man with a discriminating penis would bother putting the work in to seduce 4s and under. The dirty little secret is that the ugly among us — the 4s and lower — pretty much hook up by catalytic reaction, involving lots of liquor, desperation, low impulse control and vision impairment.

You would think that Asians (well, Asian-Americans at any rate), being a race of women reputedly more materialistic and pragmatic in disposition than white or black women and thus given to assigning higher value to beta patronage, would respond favorably to straight up traditional courtship, but this is a myth. While Asian chicks in general are choosier about when, how much, and to whom to dispense their goodies, they love game just as much as any broad with a working vagina. The difference between seducing Asian chicks and women of other races is one of degree rather than kind.

Furthermore, and in support of the general thesis, let the record show that the hotter the Asian girl the harder you will have to game her. Hot chicks are the same everywhere — their stock is high and they know it. I remember going on a date with an Asian 8.5 thinking it would be a cakewalk (because of the dynamic I note below), only to discover that my lackadaisical non-game cost me a second date with her. The buddy who introduced me to her later remarked that I “hadn’t teased her enough”. I don’t date many Asians (they don’t enthrall me like they do the typical white herb) so that failure was a learning experience. The next Asian girl I met I gamed the shit out of — as hard as I would any sluttastic white chick. I think I even called her “dragon lady”, though she was born in America. We ended up in bed on the second date, her finger finding its way into my arsehole during sex. (Asian girls are fascinated by the anus.)

There is one glaring refinement to the above generalization, and that is the white man-Asian girl dynamic. For HBD-related reasons beyond the scope of this blog post, the white man who isn’t a complete loser can score typical Asian chicks in the 5 to 7 range with relative ease. This is not true for any other interracial match-up. Even black guys have to tone down their natural assertiveness and run a tamer version of direct game to get with white chicks of any value. (Note: Disgustingly sloppy, fat, Walmartian white whales do not qualify as having “any value”. Size, shape, color and texture must resemble the gracile antelope grazers rather than the lumbering megafauna.)

Thus we see the phenomenon of white herbs focusing like laser beams on every semi-cute Asian chick within their field of operation. Every man alive will take the pussy path of least resistance when it is available, and this rule is no different for lumpy white herbs and their starstruck Asian groupies. But the Asian girls who are 8s and above are still off-limits to the herbs.

PS: I’ve been noticing a lot more white man-black woman couples lately. Based on looks alone, the men were a mixed bag. Many of the black girls were attractive, and they were of varying skin hues, from creamy mocha to purple black. More than a few of the women looked like African immigrants. One thing all the black girls of these interracial couples had in common: they were slender. Not a fatass in the bunch.

Perhaps this points to a trend of some white men getting fed up with the entitlement complexes of white women and sacrificing their natural attraction for white girl features for the… better attitudes of black girls.


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