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American Hero

Who is the bigger American hero? This man?

Or this man:

Did you notice how the repugnant dyke-like creatures immediately resorted to lying about being threatened by this man in hopes of rousing the white knight posse to come to their rescue? Let this be a lesson — women will lie lie lie to silence disagreement and win the support of the crowd. They will lie about rape, about domestic violence, about assault, and about any fact that challenges their warped worldview so long as it serves their interests. Women have no moral code that isn’t bendable to serve their personal interest and no sense of justice that isn’t biased to flatter their feelings. Feminists have demonstrated they should be treated like children under the law.

It’s time for men to grow some balls and shove the shit right back in the fat piglike faces of the femtards and other assorted leftie agitators. Co-opt the “debate” tactics of the left and make life miserable for these freaks, degenerates and traitors.


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