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Email #1:

My girlfriend is “good friends” with two guys she’s banged in the past, one in the last six months. They were “friends first,” and then she banged them, probably during a dry spell.

She’s totally into me, no doubt. I am relationship gaming this chick. I want to avoid beta bullshit with her two “friends.”

What to do?


Huge, unfurled red flags snapping in a strong northerly wind. Why do women remain “good friends” with men they’ve previously banged? We know the men couldn’t have been hopeless betas, because she did spread for them. Therefore, we can presume this isn’t a situation involving cloying, celibate beta orbiters with no game. So we are left with these main reasons:

  1. She likes that they have this “shared past”. This makes the friendship more taboo, and hence, exciting for her, even if she does not feel especially attracted to them.
  2. These two guys are low investing alphas that she screwed for pleasure but decided against seeing in a relationship because they were the love em and leave em type. She continues the friendship because she likes the horny feelings she gets while enjoying the pleasure of their quasi-platonic company.
  3. The two guys really are losers and she pity banged them, or sport fucked them during, as the emailer said, a dry spell.

None of these three reasons bode well for your LTR with her. If (1), she is a taboo junkie, and will likely cheat. If (2), she is a cock carouseler, and will likely cheat during her next ovulatory phase (preferably after she has ensnared you in marriage). If (3), she is an undiscriminating slut who will cheat on the flimsiest pretext.

“Good” friendships with past lovers is a no-go. No man should accept that in his LTR. Since there is a small chance she really does love you and isn’t cheating on you with these two guys, or thinking about cheating on you, avoid any unnecessary LTR-killing confrontations by first snooping through her stuff for any evidence she may be “taking it up a notch” with her two man friends. Expect to find such evidence. Quietly pack your stuff in the middle of the night, and tape the evidence to her fridge door for her to find in the morning. Delete her phone number and block her calls.

If you don’t care about potentially soiling the LTR with a powerful ultimatum, confront her with your demand that she cease seeing the two past lovers. Tell her this is non-negotiable if she wants to continue being with you. Watch her reaction closely.


Email #2:

Hello Chateau proprietors I’m looking for some help. I learned of your blog less than a week ago and as the despondent lonely beta worthlessness I am I had a lot of free time to read it. I find it interesting, and intend to certainly start working on my game (Currently 0 for 3 in my entire life, all of them  friendzoned) but I need a little help. I am an intelligent, nerdy guy, not bad looking (no glasses or bad looking hair), a little overweight,  The market value assessment yields ~-4 points. I’m looking to overcome this beta-ness and become at least a mediocre alpha male (My goal is simply to get a non-negligible amount of vag) The problem is I notice almost all of your game advice is for the club/bar setting and not for day game. I am only 18 years old at the moment so I can’t exactly go to clubs/bars to play the game. I need help on day game for the college environment (also I know dog parks are a good place, I take my dogs there which could be a good spot).

Any advice you can yield would be great. Or even suggestions to other information more applicable to day/college game than club game which you seem to focus on.

A Chateau host recently had to dog-sit for a friend. The dog was pudgy and adorable, with big wet brown eyes. This host commented that he could not believe how many women strode up and opened him cold. If he had wanted, he could have secured the digits of multiple hot babes, all within an hour of outdoor “day gaming”.

If you don’t have access to a non-ghetto dog, don’t worry. With day game, just getting a conversation started is a DHV. Most men are afraid to open women when the sun is out. We here at the Chateau actually don’t focus on club game at all. Most of the advice is generalized and can apply in all sorts of situations. In many ways, day game is simpler than bar game, because women will be surprised you are talking to them. They won’t have bitch shields to lower.

On campus, a great place to open cute nerd girls is the library. Think of a quirky funny line and use it liberally on any girl standing next to book shelves. “Excuse me… I must be in the wrong section. Do you know where I can find the section on dating tips for badboys?” Similarly, I once opened a chick in a B&N by holding up a copy of Bridal Magazine, complaining about the double standard, and asking her where I could find the Groom Magazine.


Email #3:

This girl I hadn’t slept with yet texted ‘I like you’.

What would’ve been the gina tingle maximizing response? ‘Me too’ sounds awfully beta so I threw it right out the window. ‘I know’ seemed better, but made the inner chump scream when I considered it, which, in hindsight probably made it the best choice, in a somewhat Opposite George way of thinking.

What I actually did was just ignore it. Didn’t get the bang.


“Me too” would have been the second worst response you could have sent. “OMG me too!” would have been the worst. “I know” is good, if overplayed. Ignoring it is the safe bet, as long as you follow up later with a date suggestion. But you said that didn’t work for you.

Better responses:

HER: I like you.

YOU: Damn straight.

YOU: That’s mighty white of you.

YOU: I love you!!!!!11111!!!!!!111!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

YOU: Hell yeah, mothafuckaaaaaaaa!

YOU: gay

YOU: aw… i’m touched. Right… there.

YOU: Flattery will get you everywhere.

YOU: Ok, but next round is still on you.

YOU: fap fap fap

YOU: [insert jerk reply u know u luv]

YOU: Already?

YOU: That’s great kid. What else you got?

YOU: Tell me something I don’t know.

YOU: Don’t tell my girlfriends.

YOU: Do you think you can sweet talk me into bed?

YOU: Bring the movies.


Email #4:

Bonjour Propriétaire Chateau –

Specific game venue commentary required from His Deviousness on my current workplace situation:

My office complex is now owned by a local University, who decided to move their Graduate programs into two of the four buildings.  The main consequence of this is that there is now a shared cafeteria.  Yes, you read that correctly – myself and 1,000 of my fellow corporate slaves eat alongside a couple hundred 20 – 24-year-old supple grad students.  I’ll leave the specific University nameless, but the graduate programs housed here are nursing, speech therapy and the like, meaning about 90-95% of the students are female.

I’m a decent looking guy, and most days I dress to impress.  However, most of these girls are eating and talking with each other in large groups (5-10 each), which is making it hard for me to approach.

What should I do in this situation?  What are some good openers, and when should they be deployed?  In line paying for my grub seems like a good place, where I can flash some bling and comment on their choice of meal. This is a HUGE untapped resource that I MUST exploit!

Much thanks.

Wow, this is like throwing chum at hungry sharks. The sexual harassment reeducation camp will be filled to brimming. There are many ways to open groups of girls in a corporate cafeteria. I’ll offer a couple suggestions.

YOU: [walking slowly by their table, a serious expression on face] Hey, you guys are new here.

GIRL(S): Yeah.

YOU: Hm. Too bad.

GIRL(S): What does that mean?

YOU: I’d tell ya if there weren’t cameras watching.

YOU: [standing in line to pay] Standing in line to pay for food. It’s like the movies. You’ve got 20 seconds to flirt with me. Annnnd… go!


Email #5:

Dear Chateau proprietor,

What do you think about writing angry letters to girls that LJBFed you in the past? Please stop me from participating in a blue balls toxic shock initiated beta-ish correspondence expecting to hear what I did wrong from their lips (as you might have suspected my cock has no knowledge of those lips whatsoever).

If they LJBFed you in the past, then you’ve got nothing to lose except your dignity and any future girls that may be friends with them, right? And girls will never give you the real reason why they found you unacceptable to bang, right? Rationalization hamster, right? Ok, so knowing that, here’s what you write (make sure to press down hard on capital letters so that the ink runs a little with your righteous fury):

I had entered into a first date
In the summer of a celibate year
And my boner throbbed for this moment
Only now do I remember it clear
Alright, alright, alright

No more a nerd and no more a beta
I was dating and it whetted my thirst
Until your brain started spilling out friend offers
Only then did I reckon my curse
Alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright

First came your cheek turn when I went for the kiss
Then came your crossed arms and your smile was gone
Your little tingles died on delivery
Woefully taking your desire along
Alright, alright, alright

What can one do when one is a loser
Shamefully saddled with daily fap fests?
All that I wanted was the pleasure of a sex life
So my burden I began to divest
Alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright

Your stupid cat I buried after feeding it foxglove
Your pug was easy, it was drowned in the bath
Your asshole boyfriend fought but was easily bested
Burned his body for incurring my wrath
Alright, alright, alright

And that’s how I came your psycho stalker
To be living so horny and free
Expect that you think that I should be haunted
But at least you didn’t LJBF me
Alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright


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