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If you have your eye on one particular girl but get sidetracked by other attractive girls, often you will lose your chance to get the number of the first girl if she sees you having too much fun, or even exchanging numbers, with other girls. This is particularly true of girls who like to play “gotcha!” games with men they suspect are players. To this end, I have found that the best way to overcome this self-sabotage is to acknowledge what she saw, but within a frame, of course, that does not sound defensive.

THE ROVING COCK: Hi, I just wanted to do the gentlemanly thing and tell you that your bra strap is showing.

HER: It is not! That’s my shirt underneath. I saw you talking to those girls over there. You sure you want to leave them so soon?

THE ROVING COCK: Yeah, they’re crazy those girls. Very friendly. It was tough to get away from them to come talk to you.

HER: I bet. You could always call her later. She did give you her number.

THE ROVING COCK: We’ll see. I’m not that easy.

From there, I went into a routine about girls giving out their fake numbers accidentally to guys they really like, and regretting it afterwards.

The point being, that when a girl tries to get you to capitulate to prevailing social norms and thus to prostrate yourself to her putatively superior morality — i.e., DO NOT hit on more than one girl per night, DO NOT hit on two girls within sight of each other — you should deny her the satisfaction of your defensive mewling by glibly acknowledging her observation of your seediness and acting unashamed of your behavior. Girls lust for unapologetic heels before they lust for proper gentlemen.


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