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Has the Chateau been duped by a scorned beta male? A reader (who shall remain anonymous) emailed the following to Chateau headquarters regarding yesterday’s post about a woman seeking advice whether to upgrade from her current boyfriend to a luxury model alpha:

That chick has used the name [xxxxxx] to comment on other blogs.  She frequents [another dating website].  She previously claimed that she was a virgin.  Her real name is [xxxxxxx].  She didn’t seem dumb enough to do this so I’m thinking maybe someone with a grudge is pretending to be her.  If it is really her, this is an epic fucking fail on her part.

As has been repeated here many times, if you email looking for advice and don’t specify that you wish to keep it private and off the blog, your email can and sometimes will be used for a post. The girl in question did not state any wish for her advice-seeking email to be kept private. Fair warning was given, and total privacy was offered. Chateau proprietors keep their word.

However, if it is the case that someone impersonated her, then this is unfortunate. Betas impersonating in email their cheating girlfriends, ex-girlfriends or women they just don’t like for whatever personal reason and pretending to seek advice from your humble hosts in hopes of exacting a bit of the ol’ ultravengeance through the medium of this blog are engaging in subterfuge of the vilest sort. We run a tight operation here. And the Chateau *really* doesn’t like to play the dupe.

It’s a clever ploy, and one that is impossible for Chateau keepers to defend against. Thus, because of the ploy’s indefensibility and potential to harm innocent parties, the post has been removed. In addition, all future reader mailbags have been put on hold until further notice. There is now no way for the hosts here to know which emails requesting advice are genuine and which are impersonations by sly, vengeful betas intent on summoning the Kraken for a game of “let’s her and Chateau fight”.

While there is no hard proof that the original email is fake, the Chateau has decided to take all necessary precautions and treat it as if it were fake. As a result, the reader mailbag is dead. So thank you, haxxor betas, you have ruined it for every other emailer seeking genuine advice to improve their love lives and find happiness.


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