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The following observations apply to established adult men, post college years. Younger men still in college will find their success rate with women of various ages, particularly older women (aka cougars), highly variable. The rules for them will be different than the rules for older men.

18 to 22 year olds

Hard to believe, but it is often easier to bed a very young woman than an older woman, if you are an older man. This is because 20-40% of women are specifically attracted to older men. It is hard-wired in them, and this hard-wiring can be reinforced by poor family upbringing resulting from divorce of parents or absentee fathers. Single moms are the greatest source of future generations of slutty daughters the world has ever known.

Your goal is to identify which 18-21 year olds are amenable to being seduced by you. Since a majority will balk at the idea, you should learn to quickly identify and NEXT! them. Thankfully, most girls aren’t brazen cockteases, and will make their lack of interest known early on. Beware, though, that a small minority of barely legal rapacious golddiggers will try to keep you on tenterhooks, extracting your resources for little in return. A simple preemptive qualification should suffice to smoke them out.

You can bang an 18-21 year old surprisingly quickly because they have little ASD (anti-slut defense). This is because they do not have the long history of sluttiness common to older women which needs to be rationalized away by posturing as a paragon of chaste virtue. A young woman simply won’t perceive sex with you as an admission of sluttiness. She is innocent to herself as well as to you. Plus, actual slutty behavior has been defined down so that five partners today is equivalent to one partner thirty years ago.

Caveat to the above: although you can get the bang with an 18-21 year old very quickly, you should not prime the path to banging with obvious signs of physical escalation. There is a high risk with very young women that escalating kino will be perceived as “pervy” or “creepy”. This means no PDA, no “innocent” touching of her erogenous zones, and no raunchy sex talk. You want to keep it on the superficial friend tip until she is in your place. Then you should escalate rapidly. You’d be amazed how fast the young woman sheds her clothes when the bang is in sight. Very little foreplay is required. The sex will be, as you can imagine, the hottest you will ever have.

DO NOT EVER “DATE” an 18-21 year old. Women under 23 don’t date, they “hang out”. Anything that remotely smacks of a date — drinks at a lounge, dinner for two, day trips to a museum — will scare her off. The under-23 young woman cannot handle the “seriousness” of a dating context. This is the reality of modern America. “Dating” makes younger women think “no fun, marriage, kids, pressure, relationships, stuff that older people do”. You need to be so chill that you’re barely motivated to do anything proactive with her. Instead, “hang out” with her in a neutral context. Walks along window-browsing streets are good for this. So is meeting at a local park and talking while goofing off on the swings. You can take her to a coffee shop as long as you don’t buy anything.

DON’T BE LAME. If a 19 year old (true story) offers you an E tab in a dark corner of a loud club at 1 am, don’t refuse her like some boring fuddy duddy. Either pop that baby and enjoy the ride, or pretend to take it and throw it away when she’s not looking if you’re suspicious of the pill’s origins and purity. Push for a blowjob in the alley behind the club; plans to make future dates are a fool’s errand.

DON’T BE HER DAD. Contrary to popular misconception, most young women don’t want to date a father figure. They DO want to date a strong dominant man, and older men bring that demeanor to the table. This is why it is better to dress youthfully (if you are in shape) rather than in a sharp suit and tie if it’s much younger women you want to meet. A notable minority of younger women love the business suit look, but most of them, especially the ones on the fence about dating older men, would feel more comfortable if you projected an aura of youthfulness through your dress and attitude.

23 to 27 year olds

Similar to the 18-22 year olds in terms of difficulty of picking up, with some important differences. The 23-27 year old feels she is at her attractiveness peak, despite her peak having passed a few years earlier. This is because she is surrounded by many more high status men than she was while in college (or working at the Piggly Wiggly) who are expressing sexual interest in her. This social dynamic will work to inflate her ego beyond the bounds of her actual beauty ranking. Some consequences result from this.

NEG HARDER. The 23-27 year old will require harder negging than any other age group of women, even the hotter 18 year olds. She needs her ego punctured before her pussy will open for you. Remember that cherished maxim:

Maxim #23: The defensive crouch is where pussy tingles are born.

DEFY EXPECTATIONS. She expects you to pay her way and play the role of earnest suitor. You can’t “hang out” with the 23-27 year old like you should with the 18-22 year old without staining yourself with the immaturity label, but you shouldn’t fall into her trap of arid, sexless dating either. Arrange dates that are simple and logistically favorable. Never spend more than two drinks’ worth of money on her on a single date.

DATE CONCURRENTLY. The 23-27 is, arguably, the most in-demand woman on the market. Various social factors account for this, which will be the subject of another post. Thus, she will have the greatest self-regard. Despite your best game, you may find yourself getting flaked on by a girl in this age range. A good defense is a solid offense, so minimize the creep of neediness and desperation by dating many women at once. Do not feel guilt about fucking multiple women concurrently.

THIS IS YOUR SWEET SPOT FOR GAME. No other woman will react as positively to hardcore game as the 23-27 year old. She and her sisters will be throwing meatballs at the middle of your lineup. Aim for the fences.

28 to 30 year olds

Finally, the female ego suffers chinks in its armor. She will try hard to cover these cracks, but they’ll creep out here and there. 30 is a huge and depressing milestone for women, but 29 is an even more depressing birthday. It is the “last hurrah”, so to speak, and the number taunts her daily with reminders of her impending obsolescence. A single girl who was dumped by her boyfriend and who has just turned 29 may be the easiest girl in the world to lay. You will still need to game her, but the path to sex will be exhilaratingly fast and furious.

28-30 year olds are a mixed bunch. Some are riding a wave of career and social success that has nowhere to go but down, and their bloated egos reflect that. Others, less conventionally successful, are emotionally frazzled by the disappearing act of their heady youth and by the intractability of their singledom. You will find some of the cuntiest, and sweetest, girls in this age range.

Same rules as the ones for 23-27 year olds apply to 28-30 year olds, with the exception that negging should be tailored to the life success as well as the looks of the girl you are gaming. A 30 year old businesswoman is often harder to game than a 20 year old hipster. She will need subtle reminders that her beauty isn’t what it once was.

31 to 34 year olds

In some ways, women in the 31-34 age range are the toughest broads to game. (By “toughest”, it is meant “most time consuming”.) It’s counterintuitive, yes, but there are factors at work besides her declining beauty which mitigate against the easy, quick lay. For one, it is obviously harder to meet single 31-34 year old women than it is to meet single younger women. Marriage is still a pussy-limiting force to contend with for the inveterate womanizer, but Chateau apprentices are hard at work battling the scourge of mating market disturbances caused by the grinding and churning of the marriage machine.

But the bigger reason 31-34 year olds are harder to game than any other age group of women has to do with the wicked nexus of entitlement and self-preservation that occurs at this age in women. When you combine a disproportionate sense of entitlement fueled by years of feminism, steady paychecks and promotions, and cheerleading gay boyfriends with suspicions of every man’s motives and a terrible anxiety of being used for a sexual fling sans marriage proposal, you get a venom-spitting malevolent demoness on guard against anything she might perceive as less than total subjugation to her craving for incessant flattery and princess pedestaling.

Note that Chateau guests aren’t necessarily complaining. A harder-to-game 33 year old is kind of like getting bumped down from a Honda Civic rental but driving off the lot with the consolation prize of a Ferrari.

Listen to any man who is good with women and they will tell you the same thing:

“I have an easier time bedding and dating 23 year olds than I do 33 year olds.”

This defies all logic until you see it through the eyes of the hamster sweating its fluffy ass off in a woman’s brain. (Poor little creature must be pooped out by the mid-30s.) Sure, a 33 year old is not as hot as the 23 year old version of herself, but her ASD is through the roof, as is her self-conception as a hot marriage-worthy commodity. Many older women will tell themselves that their experience, maturity, accomplishments and financial stability mean they should be way more valuable to men seeking wives than some young babe on the take. Of course, they have to tell themselves this because reality isn’t making it easy to believe.

These are the kind of women who have sexual flings with college guys, because they can psychologically box those men in as “purely for fun” adventures. But the men the 31-34 year old women really want are the older, established men who will give them a marriage proposal and a family. This is why it is counterintuitively harder to game the older woman who still retains a vestige of her youthful attractiveness: she wants and expects so much more than the younger woman.

Game required: Strong body language, masculine dominance, sharp suits and shoes, easy on the negs and palm reading, emphasis on the comfort stage, lots of travel stories, disqualify yourself from sex on the first date, vulnerability game, avoidance of the beta provider zone.

In short, if you can present yourself to her as different than the indistinguishable mass of sad schlumpy beta herbs who are her typical choice in available men, then you are guaranteed the lay. Just don’t expect to sleep with her on the first night. She will work hard to make your seduction as difficult and drawn out as possible.

Note: DO NOT SPEAK OF THE YOUNGER WOMEN YOU DATE to an older woman. You will be tempted to do this to demonstrate your higher value, but instead she will withdraw so fast into her ego-preserving turtle shell that no game will redeem the pickup. If the subject comes up, just tell her you’ve “dated many interesting women” and leave it at that.

35 year olds

This age gets a special mention. Why? Because 35 is the year of formal female expiration. (Informal expiration can occur many years later, depending on the woman’s genetic good luck.) At 35, most women are over the hill. An unmarried woman at 35 is officially in crisis mode. Full meltdown will happen within the year if she isn’t hitched in that time. You do not want to be in the vicinity of a woman in full meltdown mode. Full meltdown is accompanied by the acquisition of a second cat, alcoholism, cackling brunches of mimosas with equally pathetic Samantha wannabes, sloppy drunken one night stands with college age men which they will then rationalize as evidence of their enduring beauty, and a laundry list of annoying personality tics and neuroses that would comfortably provide for the retirement plans of ten psychotherapists.

Game required: “Hi”.

36 to 38 year olds

She is at peace with her spinsterhood and her failure in the dating market. She will acquiesce easily and gratefully to sex with very little game, as long as you don’t look like a grandpa. Her expectations are so low, it will be a challenge to disappoint her.

If you are prone to guilt, you might feel it when you inevitably dump a woman in this age range. Don’t. Remind yourself that her past is littered with her insouciant dumping of many beta men before you. You are merely an alpha agent of righteous karma.

A Chateau proprietor once dated a European 37 year old for a couple of months. She looked years younger than her age, so the sex was fun and the time together was relaxed, but everything was glazed with a tint of sadness. A vow was made never to go much above 30 again.  So far, the vow remains unbroken.

39+ year olds

No Chateau proprietor has experience dating or fucking women 39 years old or older, so we cannot offer much advice for gaming women in this age range. Yes, yes, we can all hear you crying now.


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