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The neg open is not to be underestimated. When opening very cute chicks it’s almost a necessity.

Reader BuhBrian writes:

I suddenly used this line on a cashier girl yesterday I’ve seen at a store a few times.  While I didn’t go for the number **, I amused myself in this spontaneous exchange.

Her:  you want your receipt?

Me:  No thanks. Hey, didn’t you used to have braces?

Her:  (caught off guard)  no..

Me:  Really?.. You look like someone who just had their braces removed recently.

Her:  (rather confused and flattered)  I’ve never had braces in my life actually…thanks.. blaa blah something, have a good weekend.

Her tone was good, and really accepting.  I detected no attitude or insult in her voice at the braces remark.

Telling someone I thought they had braces is in someways a neg (your teeth must have been real fucked up, I’m sure), but underhandedly came out as a complement (nice smile). Which wasn’t my original intention.

**  Since I didn’t go for the number.  I just passed that moment by because of my dreg-ish wimpout tendencies.  Plus she was working and people were lining up at the register.  My alphaness wasn’t strong enough to not care.  But I do have a legit related question.

Q:  What are your thoughts on getting girls numbers from places you routinely shop and see them.

The braces neg is a good all-purpose neg, useful on cashiers and all kinds of women, including lawyers. I’m not surprised the girl reacted positively. It’s what girls do when they aren’t sure you insulted them or complimented them. Rev, lil’ hamster, rev! In the case of cashiers, where you don’t have the luxury of context or of time to open her the traditional way, a neg open can jolt her into a flirty frame of mind.

Transitioning from the neg open to a number close with a line of people waiting behind you is a difficult proposition. She is going to feel harried and unable to focus on exactly what you’re asking of her. You could build an insta-bond by letting her know you are aware of the stress of the situation.

“There’s a big line of people behind me, so I can’t linger here long. I don’t normally do this, but write your number on my receipt. I promise I won’t hold your naturally straight teeth against you.”

No doubt there are other ways to number close cashiers, so the floor is thrown open to commenters to add their suggestions.


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