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Traitors In Our Midst

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A federal judge (leftie female, naturally) blocked Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. Just to clarify –

An American federal judge told the good citizens of Arizona they could not effectively act to identify and deport illegal immigrants — invaders by another name — from the soil of an American state. Her decision, besides being utterly wrong, is traitorous. In a saner time, she would be stripped of her judgeship and tried for treason against the United States of America, with capital punishment an available sentencing option.

But these are not sane times.

Has there been a time in American history when the administrators and interpreters of the law were so at odds with the will of the people? The Judicial Branch, and in fact most of the legal profession, is stuffed with traitors. A great purge is needed. I cannot find it in me to be concerned how such a purge might proceed.


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