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If I had to condense three years of this blog into one video, this would be it. (Video link courtesy of Rant Casey – Brazil.)

Notice how the air is completely let out of the videotaping girls’ polite admiration for Prince Valiant after their attention — and fired-up tingles — are redirected to the street surfer. Even the beta chump knows his moment of glory is robbed from him, as he stands forlornly on the sidewalk, shoulders slumped, realizing he has one more girl to carry over the water. Of course, he can’t leave her stranded when he’s already helped her friend across. That would be tantamount to a declaration that his strategy of chivalry had ulterior motives. So he proceeds to complete his chore mission with perfunctory listlessness. Poor beta.

The alpha beta disparity is truly an international phenomenon.

What we’ve learned from this video:

Bravo! = warm hug plus three pats on the back.

Whoooa! = horny for love.

Who do you think the rescued girls chatted about afterward with a glow in their loins? The galoot who helped them probably received an “awww, he was nice” coupled with a flurry of condescending giggles which was code for “what a dork”. The alpha interloper probably got a “did you see that?!” and a flurry of nervous giggles involuntarily spasmed to release the boiling pressure buildup in their crotches.

The girls recording the event are speaking Russian. The studio audience would be obliged if someone could translate what they’re saying.

At the end, the videotaping girls are pretty much like, “Ok, go away beta. You and your sensible car bore us.”


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