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Best Reader Comments

It’s commenter appreciation day, when I pay tribute to the love and joy that you, the readers, bring to this shadowy outpost. Consider today a respite from hateration and an embrace of loveration.

First, the best pulled from the files of Kick a Bitch:

damn that bitch fell out of the ugly tree and smacked EVERY branch on her way down.

you couldn’t crack that head with a sledge-hammer.

– “Visualizing Omega

I’m ashamed to admit this… but I’m afraid of stank-ass unkempt vaginal canals. You don’t have a stank-ass unkempt vaginal canal do you?

Look at that shit… straight MONEY. Not only did I utilize a VMD, I also tossed in a little qualifier as well.

Bitches don’t even see it coming.

– “Vulnerability Game

both are fat, would only let them give me head. i would also try my best to gizz on their face.

granted, this would apply to most women but wth, figured i would toss it out there.

– “Fat Or Not Fat?

wow, i REALLY like to use the word bitch don’t i?

haha, misogyny rules…

– “A Test Of Your Game

players do what they do because they want as much validation from women as possible.

uh… i think it’s more like players want as much tight, hot, young snappy-nappy dugout wrapped around their johnsons [as they can].

i mean, i’m just saying… i imagine i could be wrong on this one.

– “Used

For the record, you fags need to suck on my vinegary balls.

– “Safeway Siren


Powers draws an apt comparison:

Girls like game like men like porn.

Men know exactly what’s going to happen in a porno and they enjoy it all the same.

In fact, the closer the porn conforms to his fantasy, the more he likes it.

Game is the same.

– “Does It Matter If Girls Know About The Game?


The Vic Valentine/G Manifesto duet was one of the funniest things to happen to this blog’s comments section. Here’s a selection of V.V.’s best:

I would go for option #8:

Pull out a bag of 100 E-Tabs and kilo of coke I just got delivered by three Swedish stewardesses and say:

“Who threw this party? It sucks. Let’s get this gig going! Everyone take three E-Tabs!”

Shoot the DJ in the head and throw on a Rush album.

Then commence getting every girl in the place to go home with you and the girl you are dating.

– “How Good Is Your Alpha Acumen?

I was the one banging the groupies at that age, back when I used to shop at Savile Row Junior and eat Flintstones chewable E-Tabs. My prepubescent penis would probably put the G-Man’s adult unit to shame.

– “Did Michael Jackson Commit Suicide?

“True story. I once pulled my dick out on a young 18 year old lady at college and claimed that it was 9 inches…..she fucking loved it and i procceeded to bang her multiple times.”

Until I rolled up in my Ecosse Titanium, showed her my 15″, banged her right in front of you, and then tore off at 200mph. I thought I saw you crying in my rearview through all the dust and exhaust fumes.

– “500 Days Of Beta

“IME a significant number of non-westernized Asian girls make crying noises during sex.”

An elephant would make crying noises during sex with Vic Valentine.

– “The Perfect Answer To ‘I Have A Boyfriend’

My current watch is a 201-carat Chopard. If you’re on a budget, check out the Louis Moinet Magistralis.

– “The World’s First Hot Chick With Douchebag

“A dog will probably tell you how alpha you are”

True. I once had a dog try to sniff my level of alphaness. He exploded.

– “Owning A Dog Is Training For Owning A Woman

“designs on the Zippo (ace of spades, for example), colors (black, green, red) or only plain?”

Most of mine are made of Rare Earth Metals (Francium, Astatine, etc.), I also have one made out of Higgs Bosons.

But they also come in platinum if you’re budget-conscious.

– “What To Do When A Girl Starts Crying For No Reason


But the G Manifesto will not be outdone:

Once they handed me the camera, I would say thanks, flip it over, pour some blow on the screen and snort it.

Then say to the guy:

“Hey waiter guy, grab me a double vodka soda!  And double time it!  I am pretty wired right now!”

Then turn back to the girls, pile of blow on the camera, and say:

“Oh.  Would you like some too?”

Later, I would roll back to their standard double room at The Radission  (all four girls sharing two beds no doubt) and whistle up some champagne and vodka from room service.

I would deny the Asian girl from ordering the “grande Nachos”.

Then I would swoop them all.

A true gentleman always denies a girl the grande nachos. Who said chivalry was dead?


Cannon’s Canon rolled out a charming tale from the hood:

Off topic: I was playing basketball outside tonight in Ann Arbor.  As I approached the court, I saw a white female behemoth standing and watching next to a short black man.  The man appeared very short and slightly misshapen; I assumed some crippling physical impediment.  The woman was a true whale, possibly comparing unfavorably to Cigstache.  Her neck was fatter than her head and cascaded as a trapezoid toward her blubbery body.  I was impressed to note she walked without a cane, as I was certain she would qualify as handicapped.  Her MC Hammer mumu-pants were form-fitting toward the waistline, which was graciously covered by a ragged size 7xl t-shirt that even Cheese from The Wire could not pull off fashionably.  I made no remark of their race, because they were both, categorically, just “retarded.”

Imagine my surprise when this guy got on and showed the poise, speed, and handle requisite to a point guard.  He was one of the best players on the court, and I quickly ruled out classifiable mental retardation.  While he certainly was not a handsome man, his athleticism and confidence implied a base virility for the sexual marketplace.  He could surely fuck 2s or 3s with ease.

Then it dawned on me… My God!  GNP has been preaching the straight truth, not that I ever doubted it.  Here was a black man scraping the absolute nadir of the barrel.  By keeping such a vile beast sexually relevant, he removes the need for this fatso and such phenotypes before her to improve themselves at all!  This was not mere “retard love” as I’d first suspected, but rather, a black man’s willingness to make love to a veritable retard.  I shook my head in disappointment at this act of terrorism against the white man’s well-being.

Every time an obese woman manages to get laid, god smites a kitten. By sitting on it.


Mu’Min Seeks FAAAAT WuMin answered Cannon’s comment above:

The thing is, each black dude does not keep only one woman fat.  He keeps THREE woman fat.  One black dude services three fatties at once, inflicting asymmetrical damage to the beauty stats.

They prefer the fat black women, however, since they want women who resemble the great beasts of Africa in size, shape, color, and texture.  White women only manage the size and shape, but can’t really simulate the color and texture of a rhino or elephant or cape buffalo.  Only black women can.

I scratch my head as to why my blog has not entered the respectable mainstream yet.


And here’s another gold comment from Cannon’s Canon:

places i would jizz on january jones, a top five list:

1. her pursed lips
2. a shielding cheek
3. a bullseye forehead
4. titties, pressed together
5. backshot city, using the vertebral column as a makeshift measuring device (can i clear L4 tonight???)

oh yeah, her last shriveling excretion from those unused ovaries, via the bottom of her pussy-hole?  not on the list!  well, the top 20 list anyway.


Raddark had an insightful comment about why women sympathetically identify with beta males in the movies when they don’t do the same in real life:

“Can someone shed some light on why women enjoy watching beta males on the screen, but are repulsed by them in real life?”

They see themselves in the role of the beta, not the girl the beta is chasing. They transplant the dynamic they’re aware of most (wanting that guy at the top of the food chain, and him not giving her a look) into the situation. It’s a twisted kind of empathy. Twisted because they deliberately make themselves blind to seeing themselves being in the role of the movie love interest. That would cause too much discomfort. Thinking that they might be causing heartache and pain to so many men is not a thought that can be allowed to pass through their head without some kind of rationalisation to neutralise it. The biggest rationalisation they come up with of course is that the beta male deserves what they get because of some inherent personality flaw. Hence the pure hatred a lot of girls display towards betas. It makes the pain they cause through rejection no longer their responsibility. “I hurt him? So what, he’s a dweeb.” In the movie they don’t have to go through that rationalisation process because they’re identifying with the male hero, not the female villain.


Welmer gives us a slice of his interesting life:

ZEETS: Just the way she laughed at all my jokes. She smiled every time I spoke. And then back at my place we were sitting on the couch, and I started kissing her neck. She moaned loudly, high-pitched, like a horny kitten. I wonder if all Asian girls moan that loudly.

The whore who lived a couple floors below me in Beijing moaned that way every single night, all summer long. It was a well-honed performance — she should have tried out for the Peking Opera.


Game Skeptic believes game will be the ruin of Western civ:

After a great deal of investigation, analysis, and reflection, I have concluded Game is incompatible with Aryan DNA and traditions, and its practitioners are enemies of western civilization.  Additionally, the whole thing is straight sociopathy.  I’ll elaborate in future comments, but it was the praising of that stupid fucking bug eyed Australian teenager as the ultimate alpha which sealed the deal; you guys are fucking nuts.

A funny image pops into my head of Nazis poring over an illustrated guide to enemies of the volk, except instead of big hook noses, the illustrations are of men in furry hats and guyliner.


Young bachelor gig is always good for a laugh:

yoga is evil, it is a satanic art.

it allows herbish, SWPL men the chance of being themselves and still bang hot girls instead of following their rightful [path] towards bachelorhood and extinction.


the best dog is your parents´ dog or your married brothers´ dog.

you can play alpha as much as you want and avoid dog´s shit, worry about dog´s food, about the inherent gayness of having a dog looking at you while you jerk off and barking while you fuck a girl.

also, fucking a girl who owns a dog kind of feels, for you and the dog, like a cuckolding.


This comment by Chrissi Minx could be a Lifetime movie of the week:

Let me start from the beginning, I am 18 and my sister is 21. I just finished high school and my sister is home from college. I guess this year her grades started slipping or something, because I walked past her room and she was crying. I walked inside her room to ask her what’s up and she hands me a letter – apparently she’s up for review by her college for dismissal. I feel kinda sorry for her so I gave her a hug and one thing led to another and we started making out. This is really weird because I’ve made out with girls before, but my sister blows them all out of the water. In the back of my mind lies the fact that she’s my sister and what we are doing is sick and wrong, but I guess my sister has more experience and it felt so fucking good.

Here’s the dilemma – after making out, Karen started taking her clothes off and she started pulling my pants down. I’m like, hey, what are you doing? She’s like, oh come on Jordan, aren’t you even a LITTLE curious? I felt bad because its true, my sister is a hottie and I always wished that she wasn’t my sister. I’ve even gone as far as to fap to thoughts of doing her. She then said “For tonight, let’s not be brother and sister. I really need this because I feel like shit right now and our parents won’t be back till late and we aren’t going to tell anyone.

I pretty much just fucked my sister. No, to be more honest, I just lost my virginity to my sister.


I’m not sure if this comment by K qualifies as a score for her:

Surprised there is no question on here about what (if any) STDs you have. Were I not an atheist, I would thank god everyday that I have herpes. It works like a charm to scare off assholes like you.


Vladimir rakes the diamond industry over the coals (heh), and by extension strips bare the crass status craving and materialistic impulses of most women:

aliasclio: Waste of a good diamond, ch. Part of the point of engagement rings is that they’re beautiful, even if useless.

I strongly disagree. Diamonds are a vulgar and grossly overvalued product, lacking all the unique properties and charms of truly precious substances like gold. I can’t help but admire the idea of this ring with an inward-turned diamond. It’s a creative way to subvert a ridiculous custom.

For start, the diamond engagement ring is not an ancient custom at all. It’s the result of a successful marketing ploy by the global diamond near-monopoly De Beers from two generations ago — a completely fake and manufactured tradition. There’s a plausible theory why the marketing campaign worked so well: around that time, courts stopped awarding damages for breach of promise to marry. (Such lawsuits were based on the assumption, back then certainly true, that if a girl lost her virginity and got dumped, her marriage prospects were greatly damaged.) Thus, women started demanding expensive gifts as bonds from their fiances before giving them sex, and De Beers filled that demand perfectly with their diamonds:



Moreover, diamonds are not a truly rare and scarce substance like gold, which is impossible to manufacture except for the tiny quantities mined. Diamond is just an allotropic form of carbon, and it can be industrially synthesized from ordinary carbon (i.e. coal or graphite) in a form indistinguishable from the “real” mined ones. The synthetic diamond industry is churning out ever larger stones at an ever lower cost. De Beers is of course fighting like hell against this technology, and they’ve even successfully lobbied for regulations thatsynthetic diamonds must be physically branded as such. However, I’d still bet that the technology will continue advancing, and in a not so far future, diamonds will be just cheap trinkets, unless I’m underestimating both the skill of De Beers’s marketing and human stupidity.

Thus, diamonds are definitely not a reliable store of long-term value (this not even considering that many people pay the entire value of the thing all over again in insurance). And even regardless of that, while e.g. gold really has a unique and mysterious charm, a diamond is just a piece of coal that’s been held under high pressure for a while, and machines are available that will actually do that.  The damned things aren’t even particularly durable — they are fairly easy to shatter, and they’ll burn at roughly 700C. If your house burns down, your gold will still be there, even if melted, but the diamonds will all vanish into carbon dioxide.

Of course, all this is not even considering the unfairness of the custom and the fact that it brings out all the worst irrational bragging urges in women. Unless he’s rich, a man who wanted to spend thousands of dollars on a useless whim just to brag in front of his friends would be condemned as an irresponsible spendthrift, yet women consider this as their inalienable privilege. That this frivolity is expressed through such a vulgar medium only makes it worse.


Ren is a good example of the haters who took my dating market value tests, was disgusted with it, yet couldn’t help but calculate a score:

This is fairly biased. Really. Shitheads and Wifebeaters score the best? Ahahahahahaahaa. Someone must like it rough.

+6 here.


PA gives good advice to men who have it in their heads to do the married with children thing (or forgot to wear the condom one night):

That’s quite true, and solid LTR game takes this heavily into account. Prior to having a kid, marriage is little different from having a girlfrined. But childbirth can change everything.

Notice I said that childbirth “can change everything,” not “changes everything.” It is a woman’s instinct to convert the husband into a nest drone. Don’t fault her for it; it’s a natural thing she is unconcious of, like shit testing. And I saw this happened to a buddy whose wife made him into a complete slave.

A few couples visited us a several weeks ago, and when evening came and I gleefully pulled out my top-shelf vodka and my custom shot glasses, she said: “[husband’s name] does not feel like drinking tonight; he now has a baby he’s responsible for.”

I looked at him questioningly, and he looked away from me, forlorn. Two other dudes and I had fun without him.

But it’s not difficult to avoid the fate of a nest-drone, provided your wife has had loving feelings for you up to then. Some tips:

– do play a lot with the baby on your down time. Ideally you should <i> want </i> to do it; it’s your kid and your attitude should normally be that he or she is the most precious human being in the world.

– assume traditional gender roles. Don’t change poopy diapers. Men have a natural, violent revulsion to poop, mothers don’t; she pushes the stroller, etc. Again, ideally, this shouldn’t be a negotiated or fought-over; a good mother and wife will want to do the feminine things for her baby.

– With regards to the above, don’t swing in the opposite direction and neglect your responsibilities. Do help out and be involved. Remember that as a captain of this ship, you are ultimately responsible for its success.

– Cultivate an understanding that a child will grow up psychologically healthy when he or she sees the mom respect the dad.

– Remember, you are still the head of the family. You are the captain, your wife is the competent NCO. You are the commanding officer, she is in charge of the day-to-day things.

– Let there be an understanding, that in the big scheme of things, you and your wife are still each others’ first responsibility. The child will fly away one day, and you will still have one another.

– Having a child is really the greatest responsibility you can have. And the biggest joy that life can give you, if you forgive the sappy language. Thus, it’s up to you to step up. At the very least, you need to maintain your alphatude in marriage.


Basil Ransom pithily explains why girl sluts are worse than guy sluts:

Girl: Why is a girl a slut if she hooks up with multiple guys?

Guy: Think of it like a lock & key. A key that can open a lot of locks is a master key. A lock that can be opened by multiple keys is a weak lock.


Mopenhauer attempts a distillation of history as seen through the heavy-paned windows of the Chateau:

This is where CH’s history of the world begins. According to his version of history Western Christian feudalism was best able to repress the sexuality of the alpha male and his female customers.  Unlike the Muslims or Orientals there were no harems of females for Alpha males. Instead there was a forced monogamy imposed on both females and alpha males. The triumph of the beta male and his K strategy of investing in offspring lead to the hegemony of the West. This is similar to Freud’s thesis that civilizations progress was based on the Superego’s ability to harness and control the Id. Those disenfranchised elements of Western society were slowly integrated into the “reverse dominance hierarchy”. The last step was the integration of females and then the beta utopia, the Ayn Randist dystopia. But according to CH that was the Pandora box that unleashed the repressed Id of the alpha male and females. And so like a Phoenix, the grey-back Gorilla was reborn from the ashes.

Feminism in its essence a liberal-capitalist revolution. Like the English, Dutch, American, French, 1848, revolutions it is about establishing market contractual relations, where tradition and domination had once ruled. Now all those revolutions have been blurred to the extent that some people consider them anti-liberal democratic. And it is true in all those revolutions radicals, Levelers, Seadogs, Whiskey Rebellions, and Jacobins emerged that wanted to take the revolution beyond the liberal market. This is the role that the Radical Feminists of Catherine McKinnon and Andrea Dworkin played in the feminist revolution. The feminist porn wars was their Whiskey Rebellion against the liberals. The libertarian feminists grew worried about the monster they had unleashed and were willing to join forces with Hugh Hefner against the more dangerous threat to their left. To use Murray Rothbard’s left-right spectrum from Prospects for Liberty. The libertarian sex positive feminists were the
REAL left. They were the ones who opposed the traditional patriarchal structure of the Right. In Rothbard’s terms the radical feminists who are conventionally considered extreme left, would actually be a confused centrist middle of the road position, that attempted to accomplish liberal ends using conservative ends. They themselves recognized it to the extent that they allied themselves with the Religious Right in the Porn Wars.

With the defeat of the Radicals in the Porn Wars, the libertine capitalist free-market was established in sexual relations. According to CH this has benefited Alpha males the most. There is a tacit libertarian feminist/ alpha male alliance against BOTH beta males AND the possible revived corpse of radical feminism.

Minus a couple of quibbles, this is a pretty good stab at a philosophical strain of CHianism. Feminism is, in essence, an alliance of convenience between women and alpha males. Women get to play the field longer and more hypergamously, and alpha males get access to more free premarital pussy. (Not that I’m complaining!) Beta males get the short end of the stick. Arguably, beta females also suffer a degradation in their market value — while pump and dumps with men normally out of their league temporarily validate their egos and inflate their self-worth, their psyches eventually wither under the continual churn of their pussies riding the cock carousel, an amusement ride which never slows down to give them the love most women deeply crave. So beta females suffer a double hit: once, to their feminine integrity, and again to their value on the open market where sluts are justifiably less valued as long term partners by men.


Greatbooksformen (the lolz dude) offers as good an explanation as any I’ve heard for why women are prone to exaggerate their looks:


most 3s think they are 9s because now and then an alpha gets drunk and bored and bangs the shit out of them lzozllzlzlzlzlzlzl

she sounds like a 2 who got banged by 7 drunk alphas so she reasons that 2 + 7 = 9.


And finally, the Comment Winner of the Month is Gotzon, who sums up the mechanics of male-female relations as succinctly as possible:

My mom proposed to my dad. My dad never changed a diaper.

What feminists will never understand is that Gotzon’s mom is likely a very happy and satisfied woman.


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