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Chatroulette Game

Want to get chicks to show their tits? Well, you could seduce them. Or… you could take the quick and dirty route and blackmail them with a snake, a bird, and Chatroulette.

Gizmodo has the story. One of the commenters tried emotional blackmail game.


In the name of science ;o)

I tried this for about 2 hours last night.

I got a group of girls to freak out [and] show their boobs..
but since it’s a vid clip – the bird got eaten anyways .. then they all freaked out more and one of them started to cry.

8 girls ask[ed] me to save the bird, but then when I told them the price they said “eh.. let it die”

20 girls just clicked next the min they saw the snake/bird.

and a shit load of guys who wanted to see the bird get eaten.


My guess: the girls who freaked out and showed their boobs to save the little bird would fall hard for assholes running vulnerability game. The eight girls who decided, when push came to shove, that bird murder was preferable to flashing their tits are Obama voters. The twenty girls who clicked next right away to leave the bird to its doom are lawyers. The guys are guys — tits, snake eating a bird, it’s all quality entertainment.


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