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A Test Of Your Game

I recently cleaned out my George Costanza wallet of two year old receipts and this crumpled cocktail napkin fell out:

I don’t recall exactly but I think Roosh was with me when we had this napkin rendezvous with three girls sitting at the bar next to us. The cute female bartender I once biblically knew acted as our courier, ferrying the napkin between us and the girls. The exchange (including both sides of napkin) reads like this –

Me/Roosh: Do you like us? (check one) Yes [big box] No [small box] Maybe [small box]

Girls: What will you do for us? [box] Aruba [box] Dinner [box] It’s my b-day. Buy us shots. I have ID to prove it.

Me/Roosh: Turn over. [Huge box with checkmark already in it] Good conversation followed by tonguedown.

Girls: [Another box with checkmark in it] No thank you.

OK, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Put yourself in the above scene. The giggling bartender has just returned the napkin back to you and your buddy and you read “No thank you.” You look over and the girls are making haughty faces. Two of them look like they’re having fun, but one looks a little bitchy. The girls are attractive, although as with most kitten prides one shines brighter than the others.

What’s your next move?


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