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Everything She Does Is Cute

I’ve got a new post up at The Spearhead. It’s about the sexual benefits that accrue to the master gameplayer who treats women like bratty little sisters. This is normally my Friday Night Game post, but since I’ve been busy jetsetting with A+ list celebrities and ambassador daughters, I’ve been negligent posting over there. So here’s a Tuesday special for you. Excerpt:

So what does “everything she does is cute” mean in practice? It means not getting riled up when she tests you. It means not explaining yourself when she stamps her wee feet and wags a finger at you. It means never acting apologetic when she’s upset with some mysterious infraction you’ve committed. Keep in mind that when a woman gets upset, at least half the time she’s not really upset with whatever misdemeanor she’s accusing you of; she’s just upset that your behavior caused a temporary reversal of gina tingle induction.

Go read it over there. I believe that the tactics described in the post should be a solid foundation of inner game as well as outer game.


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