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Today we have a guest post by “Knack”, a man who has been in the seduction business first as a student and now as a Venusian Arts instructor. He has some important things to say about the pickup artist community.


There is a sickness in the community. There are guys teaching pickup, that don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. The problem is most guys, who are new, can’t tell that a lot of these no game jokers have no game.


Because these “teachers” get results (for themselves) and get laid.

Many of you doubtless are confused by what is to many an “obvious” contradiction. But, I assure you there is no contradiction here. They are out there, and they are damaging guys badly. These gurus are trying to teach “systems” that don’t work for anyone but a very tiny percent of the population that are like them.

How can there be guys with no game getting laid you might ask? Easy. To women, they are HOT. Take a good look at many of the pickup “gurus” almost all of them are very attractive in their looks in regard to what women seek physically. I don’t need to name people, many of you know the personalities involved and have seen pictures.

Do you know what real game is? It is all the things you take with you if you were to transfer bodies with someone else. Would you get similar results? If you wouldn’t, guess what? You are using your looks as a crutch.

That’s one of the things that pisses me off about all these people coming out about “natural game”. 95% of “naturals” are just good looking dudes that girls want to fuck. They have always been good looking and women have been approaching them for sex and dating. Because they have always been approached they have been positively reinforced for sexual aggression (even though they rarely actually start out sexually aggressive). These men can’t teach you anything. Because they never learned anything. It was handed to them. You see, like girls, very good looking men rarely have had to develop an actual personality (the key to pickup).

I have seen men who are models and actors trying to “teach” what they do. Nearly every time they teach, there is one of two results:

  1. They have a failure of epic scale.
  2. They find someone as good looking as them to succeed.

What is bothering me the most is this is beginning to reach an epidemic scale in the community. Average to below average looking guys are getting suckered into a false bill of goods buying into this “natural game” fad. They are going to these good looking gurus and not actually really learning how to attract, develop rapport with, and keep a woman. They are being taught what the guru knows (which is how to stand and look attractive to women).

Part of why this is so damaging, is that most good looking naturals I know have shitty game. They fail shit test after shit test, and screw up the sarge in any of a thousand ways.

How can they get laid if they are screwing up and failing shit tests you ask?

Because in the monopoly game of sexuality, girls are the banker, and they cheat their asses off.

I have a friend. Ill call him Mr. A. Mr. A is a damn good looking guy. He has had women on the metro go crazy just by walking on and they scream “OMG! He’s so cute”. Now, that is not a normal reaction, and most girls don’t act that way, they only think it. He doesn’t have to work to find women who want to sleep with him. He doesn’t need to run attraction like the rest of us. Women will shit test Mr. A. I’ve watched him fail the SAME shit test over and over, only to have the women inform him of the answer to correctly answer the shit test, then give the test again. They will ask Mr. A over and over until he gives the correct answer because they want to mentally justify sleeping with someone they already want to fuck.

How can the average guy know if he is getting one of these frauds? EASY

Take a look at them physically and ask a few questions:

  • Does he have successful average and unattractive male students?

This is usually a fat no. Look for someone with LONG TERM success with their system. Not happy bootcampers coming off a bootcamp high.

  • Does it take them around an hour or so to pull?

This is usually a major indicator. In an hour or two, women know nothing about you other than they are physically attracted to you, and you might be able to pass a few mild shit tests after she prompts you with the answer.

  • Could he work as a model or actor?

Obvious enough on its own.

  • Do the women ever want to be around him after sex for an extended period of time?

When your game is solid, after sex (if you aren’t a complete lame ass in the sack) you can’t scrape the women off of you. If they aren’t interested in dating or seeing the guy again, it is an indication of a fraud.

When I was first learning, I had the fortune to learn from one very average looking guy and one guy that was butt ass ugly. My first bootcamp was with Mystery many years ago. I learned the first night from Hawaii (a very average looking short Asian), and Matador. I’ve seen Hawaii pull a girl off her guy (while they were making out) and sexually escalate. Clearly it wasn’t looks game. The next night I learned from Mystery and Lovedrop. Anyone that knows what Lovedrop looked like then (he’s very fit now though), will attest he was butt ugly (sorry LD you know I love ya). I remember looking at him: Sweaty as hell, skin glistening from the grease he was oozing, long gangly stringy slightly creepy greasy hair, pimples all over, and a fat belly. He was also surrounded by several happy giggly girls. There was no looks game here! This truly inspired me though. I thought “If this fat fuck can do it… I can do it!” and I did despite my physical shortcomings which handicapped me.

In fact I got so good, I teach for Mystery now, and was behind the scenes of the Pick Up Artist show training the contestants. I am older than many. I’m balding badly. I’m fat. And I have game. I know because I get laid, and I have no “natural game” crutches of prettyboy looks. If I took my skills and put it in another body, I’d probably do BETTER, because it would somehow be an improvement.

I seriously hope people keep this in mind before they decide to idolize the wrong people, or take a bootcamp with people of no skill.


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