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When you take a look at this series of photos ask yourself if any other world leader has the cogliones to do what Silvio did. Silvio, despite being a foot shorter and 50 pounds lighter in muscle than Michelle, gives her the “come to me” greeting with a shit eating grin plastering his face. Total alpha power move. Barack was AMOGed, and he’s none too happy about it. Note especially in photo #3 Barack’s response to Silvio’s tooling of him — like a nervous boyfriend getting outshined by a charming interloper, he gloms onto Michelle in a weak attempt to cockblock Silvio. Beta. The world’s presumptive numero uno alpha male cockblocks an AMOG by addressing him directly.

And look at that smile on Michelle’s face! I haven’t seen her happier.


Silvio! Look at him beam. You’d be smiling too if you were 72 years old and boffing 18 year old Italian models.

Give this man the Piece Prize.


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