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Being A Beta Is Worse Than…

…being this guy:


Hope’s boyfriend.

An anonymous reader sent me this photo with the following message: “gets more tail than all the herbs and betas on this site”.

What’s going on here? Clearly, Wolfman has a genetic mutation. Some things we know:

Chicks dig gnarly mutations.
Chicks especially dig gnarly mutations that confer a measure of fame upon the sufferer.
Chicks dig testosterone overload.
Man fur is a leading indicator of big balls swollen with testosterone.

What we don’t know is whether these cute girls* are banging Wolfman or if they’re just posing with him because of the novelty. *(I can’t tell if every girl pictured is the same girl. You know how it is. All look same.) Assuming this is his girlfriend(s), and that banging is going on, you have to tip your hat to the guy. He’s doing better than 70% of hirsutely normal betas whose faces girls can see.

In related news, Roosh rubbed his thick facial carpet while exclaiming “I’m not worthy!”.

I think I will start a new series called “Being A Beta Is Worse Than…”. The comparisons are limitless!


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