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Megan Fox, by all accounts, is one of the bitchiest cunts in Hollywood. In interviews, she usually disorients the male host or the male guests seated around her. Because she is a genuine 9.5 at the peak of her beauty (23 years old), no man seems capable of properly gaming her, not even popularity-cresting celebrities like Seth Rogen (watch at 4:00). Fox admits as much in this article. She’s a killer queen, dynamite with a laser beam.

If ever there was a chick who could provide a world class challenge to a master seducer, Megan Fox is the one. So I was surprised to see that the man who stepped to the plate is a schlumpy herb-like character who moonlights as a stand-up comedian. He interviews Fox and her disappearing male co-star in this video (thanks to reader A for sending the link):

At 0:24, the herb negs her: “I’m sorry, just one second”. He even matches his neg with alpha body language when he sticks his hand out, palm down, a gesticulation that communicates he is silencing a small child. Immediately, you can see in her face that Fox is rattled, in a good way, her blank expression replaced by a shocked open-mouthed smile. She’s knocked off-kilter, probably because she’s not used to getting negged, let alone negged from a no-name herb.

At 0:37, she attempts to regain her tankgrrl composure. Except she goes so far over the top trying to look tough, what with her head cock, knitted eyebrows, and super serious glower, that her cover is blown. She’s been reduced to ridiculousness.

At 1:50, neg number two. The herb says her male co-star is distracted by her sitting next to him (this is a subtle tooling of the co-star) so it would be best if she put a bag over her head. Now, it’s clear he’s being funny, but how many female movie stars would agree to put a bag over their heads? Fox is game, because the interviewer set the frame early on and softened her up when he punched through her studied, chilly ice queen exterior with the first neg at 0:24. She’s warmed up to him so she’s more amenable to his suggestions. She puts the bag over her head and keeps it there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fox that playful in an interview before. This is a hot babe who NEEDS — who is BEGGING — for a man to game the living shit out of her.

This video reminds me of Neil Strauss’ anecdote in the book “The Game” where he’s interviewing Britney Spears and getting nowhere until he decides to run game on her. Game opens up Britney — metaphorically if not literally — to revealing more of herself and asking for Strauss’ phone number at the end of the interview.

I believe this video is evidence of the awesome power of the neg over high quality women. A herb negged Megan Fox, arguably the hottest chick in Hollywood today, and her eyes blazed with attraction. Naturally, the doubting betas will counter: “But there’s no way he’s banging her.” They miss the point. If a herb can get a positive reaction from a woman in the top 0.01% of attractiveness and social power with a simple throwaway neg, then the average everyday beta who applies the same game principles can pursue and FUCK girls who are a point higher than the women to which he is accustomed. A beta improving from dating 5s to dating 6s might not seem like a huge change on paper, but in reality it is a radical alteration of lifestyle. Given that it is women who “date up” — a fact contingent upon the greater relative expense of eggs compared to sperm — a man who, in effect, flips the selection script and “dates up” with the help of game, even if he only dates up one beauty point from 5 to 6, will experience exponential happiness that attests to the tremendous psychosexual rewards a minor jump up the female market value scale brings a man.


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