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Email #1: “It’s a part of my rock and roll fantasy”

 I absolutely love your blog. I have a question that maybe you can answer, but first let me point out, I am currently a corporate slave.
My question is, what is the best type of job to have to allow one to go out from 10-2 a.m. four days a week? I work a 8:30-5 job like most hacks, and am not able to do to stay out those hours and function at work; so, I usually go home at 11. Lame huh?
I don’t want to be a bartender because of the pay, and the fact that I like to go to 2-3 bars in a given night–I would not want to be confined to a single bar. Being a rock and roll musician can get one a lot of tale, but there are only a few that reach the level where they can have a comfortable life. I have thought about possibly becoming a realtor because then I could sleep in until 11, which would allow me to pursue fresh game until 2-3 a.m., since I could set my own work schedule. Other self-employment ideas would allow that as well, I just cannot think of other ideas.
Being on tv or radio can get one laid because it allows for fame; however, I find these options unrealistic because of the few slots open and all the competition.
(As a side-note, I have been considering setting up a nude photography business to attract girls which will do just about anything (note: not hardcore)).

In the culture,


Any kind of job involving international travel, embassies, and diplomats should score you tons of poon. Bonus points if you can’t talk about your job in detail. Forget the 10-2 a.m. target acquisition window; that’s limited thinking. Your hunting grounds are everywhere and all the time. Going home at 11 p.m. is a non-issue. You should be doing most of your womanizing before 11 anyhow, when you aren’t competing with the late night sausage hordes.

International stays in a corporate or governmental context automatically give you a massive DHV inasmuch as you will be seen as the “expert from afar” or the exotic “other”.

Learn a language or two. Knowing how to speak the native tongue of your preferred foreign hottie is worth $50K in pickup workshops. I suggest Russian and Czech.

Some corporate careers are better than others at infusing you with a PUA attitude. Publishing, corporate law partnership, and Hill lobbyist come to mind. Real estate is good, too, because it puts you in contact with lots of gina tingly housewives and single yuppie lawyer cunts.

By the way, some bartenders make very good money. I know one who just bought a $400K condo with his fiancee.

Setting up a photography studio in your home is gold. Try to get a side job freelancing for a local rag. Submit your photos to art shows. Put ads on craigslist seeking models to pose for “avant-garde Parisian photographer in the US for a major gallery exhibit.” Never underestimate the vanity or the gullibility of America’s urban sluts.

Email #2: “Cause she’s cold-blooded, check it and see”

LMR ever?

The other night I had this 18yo on the back of my car, we had made out a few time. She was naked on the back seat with her legs spread open and her back against the window, I was naked and had just put a condom on, and just when I my dick touched her pussy and I was finding her glourious hole she said ‘Not gonna happen’ to which I replied ‘Well, it is happening’.
She then got dressed, said something to the effect of ‘I lost my virginity 2 nights ago (other guy not me) and im not gonna do it in the back of a car’ and I kept my usual aloofness but inside I was confused as hell.
WTF happened and wtf did I do wrong? Was it just LMR and I didn’t know how to get through it?


Your retort was unacceptable. “Well, it is happening” forced the issue on her. You boxed her in, so no wonder she clamped up. A better response would have been to keep your cool, get dressed, and drive her home silently. She would have gotten confused and asked what was up, at which point you would say “I have to get up early.”

Look, dude, you’re dealing with a Class A skank whore. She lost her virginity two nights ago (if she’s telling the truth) to another dude and now she’s in the car fooling around with you. Chicks like this are master manipulators of male egos. They love the validation they get from hard cocks being pushed up in their faces, and then they power trip by denying those cocks sweet release. You need to play advanced aloof and indifferent game with these types. They are what are known as “primative women” and won’t respond to anything but glorious asshole game.

Email #3: “Edwina Scissorlegs”

Been reading your blog. Not gonna comment on some of your philosophy, but 99% of your tips seem right on.

I’ve been dating typical dykes for a while, which is getting boring. Straight girls seem hotter, more femme, and easier to just fuck for a while without having to move in on the second date. (I’m not even gonna talk about the bi ones.)

What’s your take on chicks who want to pick up other chicks? Any special tips for us butch bitches looking to break down the great straight barrier?

T. (woman’s name)

99%? Damn, I must be losing my edge. My take on lez chicks picking up straight chicks: Probably not much different than dudes picking up chicks. Not that I have much experience as a lesbian picking up chicks, but I’d imagine that whatever turns on a straight girl isn’t going to be much different depending on whether the game is coming from a lesbian suitor or a male suitor. In other words, if you’re a needy, desperate, cloying, awkward, ugly beta lesbian you’ll do about as well as a beta male. One exception might be that a straight girl contemplating sexual delights with another woman would be likely to emphasize the looks of her female suitor and de-emphasize her suitor’s social status. Why do I say this? Because in my observation, every experimental female bisexual couple I’ve known were hot, while the true blue dedicated lesbian couples I see around town all the time are usually quite ugly and mannish. My conclusion is that full-time lesbians are less concerned about looks in a long term partner (and in themselves). They probably respond well to 100% rapport game. So my advice for picking up bicurious babes is to make yourself look as good as possible, wear something trendily sexy (but not slutty), and give the girl a few sincere compliments about her style or the way she carries herself. Try to isolate her away from her friends as soon as possible, and spend a good hour or two in a dark lounge having deep profound conversation on a vinyl sofa.

In related news you can use, what is the ratio of gay men to lesbians in typical US cities? It’s gotta be 50 to 1.

Email #4: “Get in now! Only a few spots left!”

I found your blog on the advice of a very smart guy.  I read up on Game several years ago w/ the usual suspects, Mystery, Strauss, DeAngelo.  Have definitely lost my way over the years as I become more obsessed with new things (mostly poker and some career related projects).  Your blog is the best I’ve seen, and has really reinvigorated my belief in the benefits of it.  I’ll cut to the chase, I am a big believer in professional services, I’ve hired people to teach me lots of things.  I haven’t really seen a business component to your site but am inquiring if you offer customized analysis beyond the blog.



I’ve gotten a few emails like this guy’s lately. While I’m flattered, I doubt I will be offering any professional services, for a couple of reasons. One, while I’m quite good at observing flaws in a man’s game and general presentation, and giving him advice on what to fix, I’m a lackadaisical motivator. I don’t have it in me to “push you into sets” or “pump up your state”. Two, there a lot of businesses out there that provide pickup tutelage, game theory, and style advice. Some are good, some not so good. My impression is that the market for these services is currently saturated.

But I might consider doing one-on-one personal consultations for a small fee, or a beer, or maybe even free of charge, just for fun. I think I would get a kick out of helping a guy get positive reactions from women.

PS: Unless you are making beaucoup bucks off it, or you only play occasionally for fun, drop the poker. It’s a pointless timesuck. It’s World of Warcraft minus an avatar.


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